Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rane SL2 For Serato Scratch Live

Something for the Serato users out there. For the ones who've yet to or needed seemingly not to upgrade past SL1, looks like there's now an improved SL2, better sound, and best - seemingly more compact! I actually hate carrying my box, as it's sooooo bulky, so this is nice news. But the price is the Q?

You can get addition deets here.

Say wrd.



  1. Dayumm. This is a game changer, but I don't get why anyone would buy the SL3 now? I really don't know anyone who uses that 3rd channel and everything else seems as good (or even better) about the SL2. I guess you still have to switch between phono & line on the box, but that's not a really big deal on in my book.

    It's crazy how they didn't even give us any heads up. I dig it though.


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