Saturday, April 16, 2011

Om Unit: Live @ Rinse FM 04-09-2011 [DWNLD]

Just a week ago, i woke up late not only to find that I had missed the 1st half of Alex Nut's show, but just as I wiped the gound out my eye, i hear that Om Unit was stepping up to do an exclusive set. SAY WHAT!?!?!
Still disoriented, I got my breakfast, settled in front of my lap connected to the panasonic receiver and JBL separates, and boom.
Om Unit, a man who's music I have long extolled, who's latest EP I still need to chat about, has a very busy 2011. He's just recently left his FT job to go @ this music FT. You mean you've not been @ it FT ?!?! Wowsers. Looking fwd to the new riddims.
In any case, the Om Unit mix was archived by the good ppl over @ Rinse. Listen for some exclusives riddims on this one. Say wrd.

Alex Nut ft Om Unit (exclusive) || Rinse FM || Download.



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