Monday, April 11, 2011

Nihon Kizuna: Bonus [DWNLD]

At last check, this Nihon Kazuna compilation had raised $30k. $30k less they'll need to spend for what will be a very long term rebuilding of the affected areas, let alone the radioactive cataclysm that's yet to be concluded - and in fact might not be fully ended for some years.

Overwhelmed but submissions, the ppl behind Nihon Kizuna were able to put together essentially what is a triple CD of music, assembling a whopping 50 tracks for the Japan relief comp.
Well, the tracks kept pouring in and they've now decided to release a bonus LP in continued support of the rebuilding efforts in Japan, Nihon Kizuna Bonus.
Set up as a pay what you can, this compilation once again assembles the young and bright form the production scene, spanning the globe. Another 34 tracks for all to enjoy, and man... you can probably use this as a tax receipt as well. Feel free to go through all the tracks here, or head over to the Bandcamp page.

You can get more info here.

Show love. Enjoy.

Say wrd.


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