Monday, April 25, 2011

The Midnight Eez: 90s Unearthed [DWNLD]

A few months back, in our usual matinal chat, O and I were chatting about this new release he had coming from All City. It was some good ol fashion, four on the floor hip hop. Cool.
But as the real story goes, this was a demo that was given to the label on a US trip in '95/'96 by this production duo from the Bronx, excited to get the word out about the music pmce upon a time, in a pre internet age. The package?? A cassette tape (remember those?) and a beeper number (remember those?!?!).
Recently unearthed in a move, All City decided to remaster the beat tape and released to the fans. Presenting The Midnight Eez.

For those that long for the golden era sound, this is essentially it. Beats from the 90s as they were being blasted out of speakers in the East coast during what was arguably one of the most influential periods of hip hop history.
Though the sound may seem dated to some, it still resonates with nostalgia for many around the world (and in Scraborough), as one of the purest sounds out. Shot by NY Photog Sue Kwon of Ego Trip fame.

The Midnight Eez || Midnight Anthem

The Midnight Eez || Childhood Memories || download

This 30 min beat tape's trackisting will be as follows:

A1 Midnight Anthem
A2 Our Own Business
A3 How It Started
A4 Digging In The Crates
A5 Corrupted Industry
A6 New York's Devils
A7 The Last Chance
B1 Night Walk
B2 Childhood Memories
B3 The Plan
B4 Black Snow
B5 Everydays Chase
B6 Dust
B7 Day Break

Childhood memories indeed. The Midnight Eez's self titled record should be out this month. Check All City for more deets. Say wrd.




  1. Got that classic golden era, boom bap vibe going on. Love it.

  2. Just grabbed it on vinyl. Nice vibes


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