Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kan Sano's Fantastic Farewell [DWNLD]

Thought I haven't covered much of it, I have always admired the Japanese sound. Great attention to melodies, rhythm and the perveying a jazz sound have been the hallmarks of their music in my books. So much that long ago, i had all intentions of doing a all JPN week on 92bpm. Le sigh. It was the thought that counted.
Thankfully, the good guys @ Circulations have been more than diligent in making sure the native sound has been hitting the airwaves. Enter Kan Sano. The name might come as a familiar one were you to have the Maverick Sessions 2 form Ubeat. He also saw placement on the Cosmopolyphonic compilation that saw a release a few months back. He was also on the Nihon Kizuna Bonus Compilation.
This time however, we are here to chat all thinks Fantastic Farewell, Kan Sano's solo LP from the Circulations camp.

Classically trained in 88 keys, Kan Sano has studied jazz composition, performed @ The Monterey Jazz Festival and is now lending his writing as a member of Hip Hop group Mabanua Band. He has also just recently released his 1st full length, showcasing his production chops as a soloist is this beat science scene.
Presenting more soul than experimental, you get to hear much of the classics and standards that are oft overlooked of late, that also allow for him to showcase his prowess on keys. The attention to detail prevails, but that's par of the course for trained jazz musicians.

Fantastic Farewell by Kan Sano

Kan Sano - Oops Hops feat Repeat Pattern by CIRCULATIONS

And here's a mix you can download to keep you busy.

Kan Sano - Fantastic Farewell preview mix by CIRCULATIONS

And of course the LP is available now, and you can scoop it all up over @ iTunes.


Say wrd.


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