Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jon Phonics: Mutual Attraction/Sat Nav [DWNLD]

Jon Phonics.

Name kept coming up, esp on weekends on Rinse FM during roll calls. So I went looking around. FFWD through some emails back and forth and I'm more than pleased to finally post about his release.
Hailing from London UK, Jon Phonics has be working on a 7" due to come out late this month, April 25th via Chakra Sounds.

Skilled in the age old art form on sampling (can you see that S950?), Jon Phonics has slowly been getting ready for his Chakra Sounds release as well as a collaborative EP which will see him work with the likes of BUG among others.
But in preparation for these releases, he has dropped a few gems for all to enjoy until the big day.

Jon Phonics - Mutual Attraction by jonphonics

You can download this and the flip side on the Chakra Sounds page, or hit the little Soundcloud arrow as always.

And as an inaugural bonus, let's toss in another set of tracks.

Jon Phonics - A.M. Chakra Sounds by jonphonics

This track can also be scooped, again on the Chakra Sounds page, or hit the little arrow.

More to come.


Say wrd.


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