Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FRSH SLCTS x Mndsgn Present Birches / Contest [DWNLD]

Emerging from what seemed like self imposed exile, Kenny Fresh from FRSH SLCTS and Mndsgn or recently disbanded Klipm0de (cue dark cello sound - despondence!) connect to present and two pronged project entitled Birches.

On paper, (or in your iPod), Birches is wondrous mix full of the kind of carefully crafted landscapes one would expect from the likes of Mndsgn. But the added twist comes in the form of a competition.
For all producers, you're being asked to select a phrase of your choice from the mix and use it in a quasi-reinterpretation. F*ck it. Just use a sample from the mix and chop it up as you please to make a new beat!
Once done, you can send your submission to FRSH SLCTS via email and look for all instructions there after, and good luck.

FRSH SLCTS x Mndsgn Present Birches || download



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