Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dorian Concept Podcast [DWNLD]

Great news.

More rare than an albino squirrel (there's one in Toronto btw), a Dorian Concept mix has emerged just in time to promote his new 12" and official release from Ninja Tune Her Tears Taste Like Pears. A heavy release from Ninja Tune that should likely be the 1st of many to come from the Vienna virtuoso who 1st made the rounds a few years back via some nutty youtubes. Remember those??
FFWD 3-4 years, some releases left and right, and we're seeing his genius in full bloom.

In any case, enjoy the mix (including, the unreleased Africa Hitech!)

Dorian Concept|| Get it.


01 Dorian Concept "Thank You All the Time Forever" (Ninja Tune)
02 John Coltrane "Your Lady" (Impulse)
03 Africa Hitech "Light the Way" (Warp)
04 Machinedrum "gbye"
05 Sam Irl "Safety Hertz (Cid Rim Remix)" (Fresh Minute)
06 FaltyDL "Tell Them Stories" (Planet Mu)
07 Manitoba "Paul's Birthday" (Leaf)
08 Sixtus Preiss & The Clonious "Specimen from Springbing" (Affine)
09 Funboy "Time Hates You"
10 Dorian Concept "Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Live Version)"


Say wrd.


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