Friday, March 4, 2011

RBMA Tour: Visit to Cantos Foundation [VIDEO]

We had a day off in Calgary this RBMA Tour and were treated to a surprise. A visit to the Cantos Foundation.
We saw some of the most vintage pianos and keyboards, most donated by everyday people who wanted to see them go somewhere they would be most appreciated.
Cantos Foundation is that place. And, to boot, our most gracious host Brandon Smith was probably happier than we were - somehow - to see a group of ppl who were ready to hear every little detail about each item. And, there were plenty. Here's a little clip of what we saw and heard.

Amazing. I was posting this and had to send this link to Computer J who happened to be online. Dude was blown away.

In any case, if you're ever in Calgary pls look into a guided tour @ the Cantos Foundation. If you love keys - form classic pianos, to rare clavichord to vintage electronic keyboards, you'll certainly be enamored for the duration of the visit there.


Shouts to Peter Hagge from Catalog Creative for the great vid.



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