Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PUDGE x Radiohead: Weird Dishes [DWNLD]

Who doesn't love Radiohead. There's been something about their music that has just united the purists and the everyday music fans under one roof. And, who in the beat science community can ignore Thom Yorke's office chart, and the regular appearance of beat music producers?? Pfff.. #allday.
Anyhow, one of our faves and a regular @ 92bpm PUDGE has been moved by Radiohead over the years. He would oft play around w/ track and sample, chop, effect sounds in his own reinterpretations of their sounds. Well, years later he's decided to put it all to a comp and let the fans enjoy it.

Introducing: Weird Dishes, a Radiohead tribute by PUDGE.

A ten track banger that can be downloaded for free. Get it.

Toronto, stay tuned (warning shot)

Say wrd.



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