Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mono/Poly's Manifestation EP [DWNLD]

And you say....


This Manifestation EP has been on the calendar for more than a minute, but seemingly w/o a release date - until now.
We were treated to the Paramatma LP off Tasteful Licks, and The George Machine EP was bananas. But this was the Brainfeeder EP. Much like Loud Records at their zenith, Brainfeeder has been establishing a standard in riddims and melodies, taking the listeners in delightfully strange places. SoCal's Mono/Poly's mastery of the melody has been evident from day one. Tracks like Brighten, Ill Deal, Roots In Earth, The George Machine were all some of my faves. So when this Manifestation EP was delivered... ;)

For anyone who's been to some Brainfeeder nights, and or peeped some Mono/Poly's mix or podcasts, some of the tracks from Manifestation EP might ring familiar, electrifying refrain and all. But he once again lays it down like no other. I've always said that a magnificent melody is undeniable can take a track to great heights, and this Manifestation EP got em. Mono/Poly is clearly dexterous and a standout @ his craft, something i've discussed personally in the past and it's still evident. Nuts. Again, no matter then tempo Mono/Poly has been able to keep you captivated with multiple time signatures, drum programming and i must say, one of the few who's been able to translate his delightful ditties to dancefloor bangers - for DJs who aren't pussies.

Manifestation EP

1. Manifestations
2. Forest Dark
3. Glow
4. Needs Deodorant
5. Toe Jam
6. Punch the Troll in the Neck
7. Vibrations (Alternate)

And here's a little something to keep you going until street date, from the good ppl @ Fact Mag. Hit the little arrow to download the track.

Mono/Poly - Needs Deodorant by factmag

April 5th will be the worldwide release of Mono/Poly's Manifestations EP. Another must have from the Brainfeeder camp.

Say wrd.




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