Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Her Tears Taste Like Pears: Dorian Concept


I had been running this Dorian Concept 12" since mid February just replaying this over and over on the road during the RBMA tour, never getting around to posting about it, and for that i'm def sorry. I was so strapped for time that whole month. But all love.
The best part?? The record is out now, as we speak - and what a piece of work.

This new 12 is essentially his 1st release stemming from his new situation @ Ninja Tune. He was included on their XX anniversary comp, essentially a shot of things to come.
Dorian Concept 's mastery of the pianissimo to frenzied fortissimo is one I've admired as it makes for great recordings and even better live shows, and for anyone who's been to his live shows knows where I'm coming from. In fact, the title track Her Tears Taste Like Pears has been one of my faves ever since hearing it live, and it's inclusion on this new 12 could not have been better news.
The rest of the 12 is again much of that magic that has made this RBMA grad's magnificent production respected for it's marvel.

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TORONTO, you can pre-order this 12" from Slinky Music and mention the blog to get a friends and family discount, just cuz I love you guys. ;)

Anyhow, enjoy.

Say wrd.


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