Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elaquent: The Midnight After

After all the beat battles, and the records that he's put out for all to enjoy as well as his 1st LP Persona, Elaquent is finally basking in limelight of his newest record. Elaquent, just last week released The Midnight After, after selling out the initial limited edition batch which contained stickers and tees from the good ppl @ HW & W Recordings.
For the hip hop fan of the standards, it doesn't get much better: classic 4/4s, crisp drums, and sample chops. And although an instrumental record, he does bless his listeners with a few guest appearances like Detroit's Marv Won among a few others.
But for the less experimental, and more golden era type The Midnight After is the perfect record to sit back, relax and blow thick smoke in the air - and lashing some dominos. ;)

The Midnight After teaser mix (by Kab) by Elaquent

Ready to Go ft Marv Won by Elaquent

Benten Boogie by Elaquent

You can cop The Midnight After on iTunes now.

SHow Love

Say wrd.



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