Sunday, March 27, 2011

Débruit Has New EP And New Ensemble [VIDEO]

It's been some time since we've heard from Débruit, also known simply as Dé (pronounced Day). Spatio Temporel, the Haiti benefit, as well as the Musique Large records.
In 2011, Débruit will be serving up more of his afro-west indian tempo driven dishes, full on the delectable beats and spices we've come to enjoy from the Frenchman, now a LDN taxpayer.

Sis Surpriz, the new EP from Débruit will be another four banger full of that tropical tempo we've loved from him, and which will be sure to invigorate the inner spirits in you.

débruit - şiş sürpriz ep (PREVIEW) (CIV020) out april 2011 by dEbruit

Sis Surpriz
A1. Accordé Don
A2. Turkish ish
B1. Mezdé
B2. Lil Zurna

The EP is due April 4th 2011 on Civil Music.

And the EP is coming @ the time Débruit is premiering his ensemble featuring his APC, live instruments and visual accompaniment, which he unveiled a few weeks back in London.

Look out for dates as he's soon to be hitting the road.

Say wrd.



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