Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alex Nut Feat Chesca Ches Mix [DWNLD]

I would listen to Alex Nut's show and hear him shout out Royalty this, Royalty that. As usual, A.D.D. and all, I would apple D, and look it up later... later... much later.... Then, this past weekend.... POW.
Chesca, 1/2 of famed Royalty was the guest on Rinse FM w/ Alex Nut and wow. One of the best shows I had heard in months.

I mean, forget the fact that Alex played a pile of my fave, Chesca's riddims were just fire. FIRE. All of it was original Royalty riddims.

In any case, enough with the chat. I'll run a more proper feature later this month on Royalty, but here's the fantastic show from this weekend.

Mixed Nuts || Alex Nut w/ Chesca (Royalty) on Rinse FM


Say wrd.



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