Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jacques Greene Guests On Rinse FM [DWNLD]

Homie Jacques Greene was with us during the RBMA tour and jumped off to begin his EU tour, taking his well regarded sound out to the masses, supporting his Lucky Me releases.
He was nice enough to stop by the Rinse FM studio and bless them with a hot set. But even better, he brought along man like Rustie, Lucky Me label mate and all around good homie, to touch the tables as well. Say wrd.
All of it was recorded for us to enjoy.

Jacques Greene w/ special guest Rustie || Rinse FM || download (right click)

Say Wrd.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ARP 101 Takes Over Rinse FM [DWNLD]

Subbing for the hardest working man Alex Nut, Interstellar bad man and Eglo Records Soul-dier ARP 101 took over the Rinse FM studio for the 2 hr slot. BOOM.

ARP 101 || Rinse FM || download



Her Tears Taste Like Pears: Dorian Concept


I had been running this Dorian Concept 12" since mid February just replaying this over and over on the road during the RBMA tour, never getting around to posting about it, and for that i'm def sorry. I was so strapped for time that whole month. But all love.
The best part?? The record is out now, as we speak - and what a piece of work.

This new 12 is essentially his 1st release stemming from his new situation @ Ninja Tune. He was included on their XX anniversary comp, essentially a shot of things to come.
Dorian Concept 's mastery of the pianissimo to frenzied fortissimo is one I've admired as it makes for great recordings and even better live shows, and for anyone who's been to his live shows knows where I'm coming from. In fact, the title track Her Tears Taste Like Pears has been one of my faves ever since hearing it live, and it's inclusion on this new 12 could not have been better news.
The rest of the 12 is again much of that magic that has made this RBMA grad's magnificent production respected for it's marvel.

Read full review of Her Tears Taste Like Pears - Dorian Concept on ©


TORONTO, you can pre-order this 12" from Slinky Music and mention the blog to get a friends and family discount, just cuz I love you guys. ;)

Anyhow, enjoy.

Say wrd.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Mary Anne Hobbs Returns To Radio

In case you hadn't seen this...

my dear friends.. i'm returning to radio.. and this time it's primetime.. details posted here: http://www.maryannehobbs.comless than a minute ago via web

shot courtesy of Bloodworth

Yes. Mary Anne Hobbs, the Baroness of Bass is making her return to radio. The date July 9th. The station?? XFM. Some great news indeed. And the most important detail?? She'll be returning to radio @ a primetime slot. Felicitations MAH. We're all looking fwd to it.

I broadcast my first ever radio show for Xfm… it was simply the most exciting thing I had ever done, and it changed my life forever.

20 years ago, we were broadcasting for just 4 weeks each year with temporary Licences, on what was originally a pirate network. The station’s signal had only a 25 mile radius from our base on Charlotte Street in London’s West End. Yet the scent of Revolution was high in the air.

We truly believed we were about to change the world forever with Xfm.
Every major artist of the era felt it too – Radiohead, Mudhoney, The Stone Roses – and they backed us to the hilt.

Chris Parry, The Cure’s manager, had such passion for Xfm that he sold his record label Fiction and his beloved collection of boats to back us for 5 years before we won a permanent Licence.

This was a time before the internet was established and the only man in the UK doing anything meaningful on legal radio was John Peel. It’s hard to explain just how thrilling it was to be part of the family who created the first radical alternative radio network - a whole station - and changed the way we communicate about the music we love for all time.

So much has changed across our generation; music and culture enriched immeasurably by global internet access. Yet, 20 years later, the value of everything we stood for at the outset is as vital and powerful as it’s ever been.

In 2011, Xfm have given me the opportunity to deliver the music that I am so passionate about on a primetime platform. This is such a victory, not just for me, but for all the artists I believe in and all the live listeners who care so deeply. I’ll broadcasting from Manchester across the world at bringing future sound and guest mixes from the most forward thinking artists on earth. Dubstep, UK funky, minimal techno, deep house, hip hop, electronica, grime, neo-folk and art house rock... no holds barred.

We’ll be warming-up with ‘Audio Postcards’ from the festivals I’m performing and curating at this spring, beginning on my coast-to-coast Road Warrior tour of America in April... (all dates up overleaf on this site.)

My aim… to create some truly mind-blowing, redefining radio on Xfm.

Mary Anne Hobbs on Xfm:

Brand new Saturday show primetime from July 9th 2011
Audio Postcards beginning on the US Road Warrior Tour from April 13th

And there you have it. July 9th it is. And for those looking to see Mary Anne Hobbs during her Road Warriors Tour, look for the dates here and your local listing for ticket info.

Say wrd.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elaquent: The Midnight After

After all the beat battles, and the records that he's put out for all to enjoy as well as his 1st LP Persona, Elaquent is finally basking in limelight of his newest record. Elaquent, just last week released The Midnight After, after selling out the initial limited edition batch which contained stickers and tees from the good ppl @ HW & W Recordings.
For the hip hop fan of the standards, it doesn't get much better: classic 4/4s, crisp drums, and sample chops. And although an instrumental record, he does bless his listeners with a few guest appearances like Detroit's Marv Won among a few others.
But for the less experimental, and more golden era type The Midnight After is the perfect record to sit back, relax and blow thick smoke in the air - and lashing some dominos. ;)

The Midnight After teaser mix (by Kab) by Elaquent

Ready to Go ft Marv Won by Elaquent

Benten Boogie by Elaquent

You can cop The Midnight After on iTunes now.

SHow Love

Say wrd.


Mono/Poly's Manifestation EP [DWNLD]

And you say....


This Manifestation EP has been on the calendar for more than a minute, but seemingly w/o a release date - until now.
We were treated to the Paramatma LP off Tasteful Licks, and The George Machine EP was bananas. But this was the Brainfeeder EP. Much like Loud Records at their zenith, Brainfeeder has been establishing a standard in riddims and melodies, taking the listeners in delightfully strange places. SoCal's Mono/Poly's mastery of the melody has been evident from day one. Tracks like Brighten, Ill Deal, Roots In Earth, The George Machine were all some of my faves. So when this Manifestation EP was delivered... ;)

For anyone who's been to some Brainfeeder nights, and or peeped some Mono/Poly's mix or podcasts, some of the tracks from Manifestation EP might ring familiar, electrifying refrain and all. But he once again lays it down like no other. I've always said that a magnificent melody is undeniable can take a track to great heights, and this Manifestation EP got em. Mono/Poly is clearly dexterous and a standout @ his craft, something i've discussed personally in the past and it's still evident. Nuts. Again, no matter then tempo Mono/Poly has been able to keep you captivated with multiple time signatures, drum programming and i must say, one of the few who's been able to translate his delightful ditties to dancefloor bangers - for DJs who aren't pussies.

Manifestation EP

1. Manifestations
2. Forest Dark
3. Glow
4. Needs Deodorant
5. Toe Jam
6. Punch the Troll in the Neck
7. Vibrations (Alternate)

And here's a little something to keep you going until street date, from the good ppl @ Fact Mag. Hit the little arrow to download the track.

Mono/Poly - Needs Deodorant by factmag

April 5th will be the worldwide release of Mono/Poly's Manifestations EP. Another must have from the Brainfeeder camp.

Say wrd.



Débruit Has New EP And New Ensemble [VIDEO]

It's been some time since we've heard from Débruit, also known simply as Dé (pronounced Day). Spatio Temporel, the Haiti benefit, as well as the Musique Large records.
In 2011, Débruit will be serving up more of his afro-west indian tempo driven dishes, full on the delectable beats and spices we've come to enjoy from the Frenchman, now a LDN taxpayer.

Sis Surpriz, the new EP from Débruit will be another four banger full of that tropical tempo we've loved from him, and which will be sure to invigorate the inner spirits in you.

débruit - şiş sürpriz ep (PREVIEW) (CIV020) out april 2011 by dEbruit

Sis Surpriz
A1. Accordé Don
A2. Turkish ish
B1. Mezdé
B2. Lil Zurna

The EP is due April 4th 2011 on Civil Music.

And the EP is coming @ the time Débruit is premiering his ensemble featuring his APC, live instruments and visual accompaniment, which he unveiled a few weeks back in London.

Look out for dates as he's soon to be hitting the road.

Say wrd.



Friday, March 25, 2011


So, I've entered - though quite late - this Ultimate Blogger Contest. This contest is run by a Toronto area BMW dealer and will see the winner relocated to a downtown apt, a BMW for 1 yr and a salary to blog for BMW. Sounds nice.
I'm hoping to crack the top 10 in the next week. I just need some help, your help.

For all my readers who have enjoyed the (attempts) @ daily updates, news and music, i'm hoping that I can get 1 click from you daily until next week.

All you need to do is click here and click +1 to like my page. 1nce daily for 1 week is all I ask.

If I make it to the top 10, I might actually put out a mix - like something to ride to. IDK, anyhow I hope I can get your help!

Again, click here and click +1.




Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Glitch Mob Tour w/ Com Truise, Phantogram


Looks like The Glitch Mob is embarking another colossal tour w/ Phantogram and new Ghostly signing Com Truise. Lots of dates here, including on in Toronto. Excited.

June 24 : San Francisco, CA : The Regency Ballroom
June 26 : San Diego, CA : Belly Up Tavern
June 28 : Tempe, AZ : Club Red
June 29 : Albuquerque, NM : Sunshine Theater
July 01 : Salt Lake City, UT : The Complex
July 02 : Morrison, CO : Red Rocks Amphitheatre w/ Lotus
July 04 : St. Louis, MO : 2720 Cherokee
July 06 : Dallas, TX : Trees
July 07 : Austin, TX : La Zona Rosa
July 08 : Houston, TX : Warehouse Live
July 09 : New Orleans, LA : Republic
July 12 : Ft. Lauderdale, FL : Revolution w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 13 : Tampa, FL : Czar w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 14 : Orlando, FL : The Beacham Theater w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 15 : Atlanta, GA : King Plow w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 16 : Nashville, TN : Exit In w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 17 : Asheville, NC : The Orange Peel w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 19 : Charlottesville, VA : Jefferson Theater w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 20 : Washington D.C. : 9:30 Club w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 21 : Philadelphia, PA : Theatre of Living Arts w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 22 : New York, NY : Terminal 5 w/ Phantogram & RJD2 & Com Truise
July 23 : Boston, MA : Paradise Rock Club w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 24 : Northampton, MA : Pearl Street w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 25 : Burlington, VT : Higher Ground w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 27 : Montreal, QC : SAT w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 28 : Toronto, ON : 69 Bathurst w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 29 : Buffalo, NY : Town Ballroom w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 30 : Pittsburgh, PA : Rex Theater w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
July 31 : Cleveland, OH : Grog Shop w/ Phantogram & Com Truise -
Aug 01 : Cincinnati, OH : 20th Century Theatre w/ Phantogram & Com Truise -
Aug 03 : Detroit, MI : Magic Stick w/ Phantogram & Com Truise
Aug 04 : Grand Rapids, MI : Intersection w/ Phantogram & Com Truise

Check your local listing for full deets and ticket info here.

Say wrd.


Gold Panda's Companion LP, Tour Dates [VIDEO]

Shouts to to Raj from Bleep who put me onto Gold Panda sometime last year with this track called Fifth Ave. Cats in Toronto may have heard it blasting through speakers @ The Drake. Big tune indeed.
That track originated from Gold Panda's pre Ghostly recordings, which also included Before, Miyamae, and Quitter’s Raga. So in an act of art an artifice, Ghostly has assembled an LP comprised of all previous work including a new track Police. Presenting Companion

Sick. You can listen to the LP here.

And in support of of Lucky Shiner (and now this LP by quasi default), Gold Panda is on a extensive tour through the little blue planet of ours, including a date in Toronto.

03.22 Vancouver, BC @ FORTUNE SOUND CLUB
03.23 Seattle , WA @ NECTAR LOUNGE
03.24 Portland, OR @ ROTTURE
03.25 San Francisco, CA @ 103 HARRIET
03.27 Los Angeles, CA @ TROUBADOUR
03.29 Chicago, IL @ SCHUBAS
03.30 Toronto, ON @ THE DRAKE HOTEL
03.31 Philadelphia, PA @ THE ARCH
04.01 Washington, DC @ RED PALACE
04.02 Brooklyn, NY @ GLASSLANDS
04.20 Laval, FR @ LE 6 PAR 4
04.22 Nancy, FR @ L'AUTRE CANAL
04.23 Paris, FR @ POINT EPHEMERE
04.27 Copenhagen, DK @ RUST
04.28 Malmo, SE @ DEBASER
04.30 Bergen, NO @ BERGENFEST
04.30 Stockholm, SE @ STRAND
05.13 Bucharest, RO @ FRATELLI
05.19 Berlin, DE @ MELT WEEKENDER
05.26 Barcelona, ES @ PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL
06.08 Belfast, IE @ AUNTIE ANNIES
06.09 Galway, IE @ ROISIN DUBH
06.10 Cork, IE @ THE PAVILION
06.11 Dublin, IE @ THE WORKMAN'S CLUB

And lastly, here's a little vid w/ our good friend whilst on tour as he discusses loneliness on the road as a solo artist, self-guessing your art, his recent album Lucky Shiner, the future and more. Maybe one day, i'll cut that video i made during nxne as well... ;)


Say wrd.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hyperdub Was Trending Last Night.

I woke up to seeing this...

New trend [Hyperdub] spotted. Help explain why at What The Trend. than a minute ago via What the Trend

The looked around and saw the following....

NEWS: Burial Announces New Solo 12" 'Street Halo': than a minute ago via Tweet Button

mercy me.. new Burial 'Street Halo' shipping on vinyl from Boomkat shortly :)less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

New Burial single announced for Hyperdub than a minute ago via Factmag

Burial to drop new single, Street Halo: The three-track 12-inch, his first full solo release in four years, will... than a minute ago via twitterfeed

HDB013 - Burial - Street Halo, out this coming Monday, available to order now - than a minute ago via web

Burial - Street Halo (Hyperdub) - ships for monday... than a minute ago via web

Looks like there's a new Burial 12". Ha. In fact, there was an email from Bleep remind me as well.

HDB013: Hyperdub's The New Burial single feat Street Halo, NYC and Stolen Dogs.

Just as last week when Four Tet, Burial and Thom Yorke were trending after the Floating Points, Four Tet show on Rinse FM.

Gotta love music fans. They go in.

Looks like Kode 9 ill also be premiering the track tonight w/ Benji B as well. Tune in.



Alex Nut Feat Chesca Ches Mix [DWNLD]

I would listen to Alex Nut's show and hear him shout out Royalty this, Royalty that. As usual, A.D.D. and all, I would apple D, and look it up later... later... much later.... Then, this past weekend.... POW.
Chesca, 1/2 of famed Royalty was the guest on Rinse FM w/ Alex Nut and wow. One of the best shows I had heard in months.

I mean, forget the fact that Alex played a pile of my fave, Chesca's riddims were just fire. FIRE. All of it was original Royalty riddims.

In any case, enough with the chat. I'll run a more proper feature later this month on Royalty, but here's the fantastic show from this weekend.

Mixed Nuts || Alex Nut w/ Chesca (Royalty) on Rinse FM


Say wrd.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take x Ampsoul Generation Mix [DWNLD]


In support of his recent release, Only Mountains Remixes, Take finds himself on native soil in EU (yup), touring through the union to some great shows. in support of a coming show coming March 31st in Munich w/ long time friend and all world Jay Scarlett, he's made a mix for all to enjoy.

Love mixcloud, but cutting and pasting the tracklist is riding shotgun with impossible. You can take a look @ it here Anyhow, if you're @ work, you can stream it right here or hit the download for the file. Be ready - it's a large one: 149.69MB

Say wrd.



PUDGE x Radiohead: Weird Dishes [DWNLD]

Who doesn't love Radiohead. There's been something about their music that has just united the purists and the everyday music fans under one roof. And, who in the beat science community can ignore Thom Yorke's office chart, and the regular appearance of beat music producers?? Pfff.. #allday.
Anyhow, one of our faves and a regular @ 92bpm PUDGE has been moved by Radiohead over the years. He would oft play around w/ track and sample, chop, effect sounds in his own reinterpretations of their sounds. Well, years later he's decided to put it all to a comp and let the fans enjoy it.

Introducing: Weird Dishes, a Radiohead tribute by PUDGE.

A ten track banger that can be downloaded for free. Get it.

Toronto, stay tuned (warning shot)

Say wrd.



Starship 27 v2: March 29th - Bonus 45

Adding to the great release in the Starship 45 v2: Take Off will be a bonus and exclusive 45 that will be pressed to only 300 units.
From the mind of J1 and the good ppl @ Insect Recrods, the 2nd installment of the comp will also feature a 45 which will be a double a sides of sorts. Featured will be the yummiest mommy Georgia Anne Muldrow as well as the consummate hip hop professional Kev Brown.

All your pre-order info is here.

say wrd.



Monday, March 21, 2011

Mono/Poly At Low End Theory [VIDEO] by Flying Lotus

Mono/Poly has been hella quiet. But he's got a new EP coming from the Brainfeeder camp, after his Tasteful Licks release last year. I copped it.
So as some of us wait for this Manifestation EP to drop, others in the LA area were lucky enough to catch him @ the most famous Airliner performing @ the world famous Low End Theory night.
Most intriguing, is the video clip was shot and edited by Flying Lotus himself.



Floating Points x FourTet Live @ Rinse FM [DWNLD]

This was *the* show. ?? The one that had been advanced as the not to miss program of the week. From Rinse FM, to Bleep and all parties in between who had interest in seeing this one happen, this was the show that had been advanced as the one NOT to miss. Why so?? The show was going to feature the much buzzed about Four Tet x Thom Yorke x Burial track, the that apparently sold out on initial pre orders.

For those that care, a rip of the 2 tracks were up mere hours after the show aired. Wow. Anyhow, have a listen and download of the show where you'll also find many more exclusives from both Kieran and Sam.

Floating Points x Four Tet || Rinse FM || [download]


Say wrd.


Alex Nut x Fabriclive Autonimic Mix [DNWLD]

This doesn't happen too often. In fact, i can't tell you the last time I heard a dedicated mix from Alex Nut esp seeing that he's got that great Saturday slot @ Rinse FM.
But this was a special, as he's advancing a label night he'll be helping curate April 15th @ Fabric, bring his Eglo massive to the celebrated Fabric environment, room three to be precise. Check the Fabric listings for deets.
But with no further delay, enjoy the Alex Nut x Fabriclive Autonimic Mix.



Kode 9 & Spaceape 'Other Man'
Om Unit 'Prawn Cocktail' (Salva Remix)
Mizz Beats 'Sanctuary'
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX 'NY Is Killing Me'
Africa HiTech 'Seek Em Step'
Mala 'Education'
Mala 'City Cycle'
Marcus Intalex 'TB Or Not TB'
Objekt 'The Goose That Got Away'
Becoming Real 'Closer'
Kubus 'Zonder Bahn'
Mizz Beats 'Pimpin'
Lone 'Voodoo Coreshine'
Model 500 'Night Drive'
Larry Heard 'The Sun Can't Compare'
Funkineven 'Heartpound'


Say wrd.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Computer Jay: Fact Mix [DWNLD]

I've talked about Computer Jay. prolly since 2007 (on an earlier blog), and come to think of it, you can find me extol on 92bpm as well. But don't take my word for it, I'll left the ppl @ Fact Mag say it:

"California’s full of overlooked beat-makers bordering on genius, and one of the best around is Computer Jay."


Computer Jay. || Fact Mix || download [via Factmag]



Nihon Kizuna: Japan Disaster Relief Compilation [DWNLD]

1 week today, the northern Japanese coast was devastated by a tsunami which left cities submerged, families displaced and lives forever changed. The evidence is undeniable.
In efforts to raise funds for the relief effort, a small group of Tokyo-based artists (from Japan, Ukraine and France) and one visiting London-based journalist (from Italy) spun the rolodex and reached out to friends/artists with the idea of a benefit compilation. It took no convincing.

Enter Nihon Kizuna. This various artists comp will feature the likes of Kode 9, Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Broken Haze, Circulations Records, All City Records, Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa, XLII, Memory 9, Ninja Tune, Kid Kanevil, Om Unit, Paul White, One Handed Music, BD1982, Illum Sphere, Fink, Emika, Mux Mool, Ernest Gonzales, Paper Tiger, Sesped, Jay Scarlett, Elliott Yorke (Royalty), Kan Sano, Onra and many more. Nihon Kizuna, which roughly translates as ‘bond of friendship with Japan’, was put together in all of 5 days and should be official for sale @ this very moment via iTunes Japan until the end of March for £10, $15, 1,500Y or 12E. A Bandcamp site will also be set up where you'll be able to donate more. All proceeds will go to the japanese Red Cross.

Download the mix.

V.A. - Nihon Kizuna (日本絆) by laurentfintoni

Now show love and buy:

** UPDATE ** Nihon Kizuna / 日本絆 is now available on iTunes. Click here for deets.

Tracklist (updated March 20th w/ new additions):

Various Artists – Nihon Kizuna / 日本絆

Kode 9 (UK) – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub Records) **
Don Leisure (UK) – Trio of Desserts *
Kuedo (UK) – Zap (Planet Mu) *
Himuro Yoshiteru (JP) – Missing Links *
Onra (FR) – High Hopes (All City Records) **
Tatsuki (JP) – Mirror In Bologna (Original Cultures) *
Om Unit (UK) – Lavender (All City Records) **
Danny Drive Thru (UK) – Prescience (Fat City Records) *
Slugabed (UK) – Rockin U (Ninja Tune) *
Ken One (JP) – Mindrain (Raid System) *
Paul White (UK) – Grimy Light (One Handed Music) **
Darkhouse Family (UK) – Lemon Drizzle (Fat City Records) *
Illum Sphere (UK) – Sweat The Descent (Hoya:Hoya / Tectonic) **
A Taut Line (UK/JP) – Azul (Dyskotopia) *
Fink (UK) – See It All (Ninja Tune) *
Mus.sck (US) – Happiness Is The Best Face Lift (Car Crash Set/Daly City) *
Rudi Zygadlo (UK) – Perdu (Planet Mu) *
Broken Haze (JP) – Move Forward (Raid System) *
BD1982 (US/JP) – Aluminium Riddim (Seclusiasis/Diskotopia) *
Nightwave (UK) – Hokusai Dream *
The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo (UK) – Beautiful (Memory9 remix) (Organically Grown Sounds) **
Ernest Gonzales (US) – Beneath The Surface (FoF/Exponential) *
Jono McCleery (UK) – Garden (Ninja Tune) **
Ido Tavori (UK) – Haunted Top Hats *
Jay Scarlett – The Rising Sun (Ampsoul) *
Paper Tiger (UK) – Lunar Notes (Jus Like Music) *
Kid Kanevil (UK) – One For Tokyo (One World Records / Ninja Tune) *
Takuma Kanaiwa (US) – Senpo World (Concrete Sound System) *
B-Ju (GE) – Philly Run (Mux Mool remix) (Error Broadcast) **
Primus Luta & Lonesome D (US) – Lockdown (Concrete Sound System) *
2phast (IT) – JapaN *
Doshy (DE) – Space Attack (Robox Neotech) **
Sesped (VE) – Too High To Drive (Jus Like Music) *
Yosi Horikawa (JP) – Passion (Eklektik Records) *
Audace (FR/JP) – Indestructible Soul (Inductive) *
Scrimshire ft. Inga Lill Aker (UK) – Warm Sound (Wah Wah 45s) **
Kan Sano (JP) – Bless (Circulations) *
Elliott Yorke (UK) – Wormhole Squirm (Five Easy Pieces) *
Daisuke Tanabe (JP) – Artificial Sweetener (Circulations) **
Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson (JP/US) – Knockout Kings (Circulations) **
Emika (UK) – Count Backwards (Ninja Tune) *
Eccy (JP) – EFH (Slye/Milk) *
Throwing Snow (UK) – The Luck Without (A Future Without) *
XLII (UA/JP) – Standuptall Nippon (Raid System) *
Pete Sasqwax (UK) – Aggro A Go Go *
Virtual Boy (US/FR) – Thrust (Turnsteak remix) *
F.A.M.E (US) – Real Surreal (F.A.M.E/4OneFunk) *
re:ill (JP) – We Are Possible (Circulations) *
The Qemists (UK) – Stompbox (Ninja Tune) **
Kper (IT/FR) – Chotto *

*exclusive to compilation
** previously released

Big up Laurent Fintoni and crew. Great job.

Show love.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thom Yorke At Low End Theory [VIDEO]

Some of you might recall reading this tweet:

Wow Thom yorke ended up djing at low end theory after all.. Wow That really happened.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Adding to the mystique, Thom Yorke's surprise set @ Low End Theory two weeks back is something that may be regarded as fabled or mythological as time passes. As some of you know already know, he's been oft read listing on his office chart many names we have been familiar with in our space. Listening to the music is one, rawking it is def another. Not that I couldn't break bread w/ Thom before this, but man - he'll def get a roti w/ fried plantain on the side from me.

Enjoy footage from the night.

Shouts to Theo for this one.

Say wrd.


Gem Drops Drops Gems For Good Cause [DWNLD]

Pac West based label Dropping Gems has just curated a veritable compilation. Assembled on to one comp are some of the names we know well in this beat science, that have made a name pushing and bending the familiar sounds to less familiar space, but one we love so much. Say wrd. As the Mobb would say "Drop a gem on 'em".
Best part, this was put together to benefit the American Cancer Society. And the price? The album is available as a ”name your price/donation” download on their Bandcamp page. They also have a very limited run of handmade CD’s with artwork available for those who donate $15 or more.

Devonwho || Brushmetal || download [via XLR8R]

yuk || Sundaze

1. Ankaa – Tabouli
2. Anenon – Myriad Multiples
3. Citymouth – Circuits Circuits
4. yuk. – Sundaze
5. DJAO – Shore Ghost
6. Culp – Coke N Guns
7. Bone Rock – Karmelwave
8. DTCPU & Filthy Ingredients – The Shaker
9. Juj – Kale Jams
10. Connie Hawkins – Closer To That Situation
11. WD4D – Black Body Glow
12. Gumar – Shift
13. Brownbear – Orginal Face (Timeboy Mix)
14. Natasha Kmeto – Embraces
15. Devonwho – Brushmetal
16. AL_PD – Lime Leaf
17. Shigeto – Cupids In Mud Puddles
18. Ghost Feet – siq 20
19. Sumsun – Stay FRESH Young
20. The Great Mundane – Solar Food
21. Ages – A Coney Island (Of The Mind)


Show love.

Say wrd.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morgan Zarate: Rinse FM Set [DWNLD]

I was totally gutted when I looked on the schedule, and realized that I was going to be in the North American West Coast for Morgan Zarate's set on Alex Nut's show on #Brutal. 13h GMT meant that I was going to have to be up @ 5am PST and then way this tour going, i was likely on my way to the airport. Add to that, the wobbly wifi?? Not a chance. Luckily, man like Alex Nut was there to remind us in a tweet.

Yo! Saturdays @RinseFm podcast with @Zzzarate is up at WWW.RINSE.FM > plenty of new sounds for yaless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

Anyhow, Morgan Zarate's been mamking the rounds after his Hyperdub release and this show was a highly anticipated appearance after a few scheduling mishaps. Only sad that i missed it live, but it's here for all to enjoy.

Morgan Zarate || Live On Rinse FM w/ Alex Nut || Download (right click)


Say wrd,


Starship 27 v2: March 29th [DWNLD]

Following the critically acclaimed 1st edition, the people over @ Insect Records are ready with the J1 curated 2nd volume of Starship 27. Enlisted are again, many of the who's who in the institute of beat science.
Starship 27 v2 is the type of record that one should proud himself of owning in their library seeing that many of the names are the very unheralded but well and influential in this now well known beat form.

Look for Starship 27 v2 to drop @ the end of the month, March 29th is the set date.

I-Ced || West Coast Rock || download [via MOOVMNT]

PUDGE || Didn't Want To DJ || download [via XLR8R]

Tracklist is as follows

1) Intro
2) A-Llive - Didn't I
3) Jordan Rockswell - Air
4) Dibia$e - Attention
5) Flame Brown (a.ka. Waajeed) - Blues & Pants
6) J1 - Slang Talk
7) House Shoes - Castles
8) P.U.D.G.E. - Didn't Wanna DJ
9) C.F.C. (J.Bizness & Ayiro) - Reason
10) I-Ced - Westcoast Rock
11) Black Spade & Coultrain - B Wit U
12) Eric Lau - 8001
13) F.A.M.E. - Superfuturisticfunkalatapus
14) Dâm-Funk - I Don't Just Do Beats
15) Devonwho - Somethingelseagain
16) B. Bravo - Midnite
17) Kone - Funk 3481
18) Computer Jay - The Slapper
19) Ras-G - Try-Angles
20) Outro
21) Nofrendo - Deepspace Heartache (Digital Only)


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jamie Woon: Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke Rmx)

Summer 2008. I was in Barcelona taking in the Red Bull Music Academy Sonar Stage and got to watch Jamie Woon. I still recall coming home and telling cats how sick his show was.
Fast fwd, and many things need mentioning like Jamie Woon's new LP Mirrorwriting, coming April 9th, and his tour supporting Mount Kimbie (including the date in Toronto March 25th @ WrongBar - wowsers).

But this remix of his current single Lady Luck has popped up and is raging through the twitterverse. Why?? His Lucky Me highness Hudson Mohawke has lent his idiosyncratic harmonies to the rmx and boom: Lady Luck-y Me version?? Something like that.
officially, this one's called: Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix). We'll simply call it bananas.

Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon

And, at the time of posting this, 6500 plays in 15hrs...



Matthewdavid & Asura @ FUTURA [VIDEO]

A short video recap of the last Futura event in LA. On deck, Matthewdavid of Leaving Records and Asura of Non Projects fame.
Stay tuned Toronto, stay tuned.



Monday, March 14, 2011

Africa Hitech: 93 Millions Miles May 9th 2011

The Africa Hitech LP has officially been announced. May 9th, 93 Million Miles. This is the record that I've personally been looking fwd to. Mark Pritchard has had a number of hits in the last few years and the Africa Hitech project has been nothing short of brilliant. Listen below to some of the past, present and future tracks.

May 9th it is.


Even better news, look for the Africa Hitech Soundsystem to come your way. Here are some of the known dates:

05 Italy, Milano - L.A.P. / Lambretto Art Project
13 UK, London - Fabric
14 UK, Camber Sands - Bangface Weekender
27 France, Paris - La Bellevilloise tbc

04 Ireland, Co.Clare, Cold Pro Music Festival
18 Spain, Barcelona, Sonar Festival

Barce, see you soon.


Mary Anne Hobbs Announces North American Tour Dates 2011

Not since last year has she been back in North America. Some might recall Mary Anne Hobbs' spot dates in the US, until Eyjafjallajökull. She was suddenly stranded in LA after plumes of ashes halted all air travel all over the world. That led to the now famous refugee shows, number one and two.

In any case almost 1 yr to the day, Mary Anne Hobbs' embarks on another tour that will once again take one of UK's most famous chanteuse, zig zagging across North American soil touching both Coachella and Low End Theory, including 2 dates in Toronto and Montréal.

All Dates [via xlr8r]

Wednesday April 13th | Seattle WA | The Baltic Room #
Friday April 15th | San Francisco CA | 1015 # plus Kode 9, Roska, Terror Danja, & Joy Orbison
Saturday April 16th & Sunday April 17th | Indio CA | Coachella Valley Music Festival #
Wednesday April 20th | Los Angeles CA | The Airliner *
Thursday April 21st | New Orleans LA | The Hookah (Gonjasufi & Lorn plus special guest Gaslamp Killer)
Sunday April 25th | Boston MA | Together Festival @ Paradise (Lorn, Take & Mike Slott)
Wednesday April 27th | Toronto ON | Wrong Bar *
Friday April 28th | Montreal | CFC *
* Solo
# w/ Gonjasufi, Lorn, Take, and Strangeloop

See you in Toronto.

Say wrd.


Africa Hitech: Live At Deviation [DWNLD]

I had to separate this from a different post that i'm doing. But regardless, this is a treat indeed.
As part of a visit to world renown Deviation presented by our favorite tastemaker Benji B, Africa Hitech did the Hitech thing. Pritch on the wheels, Steve on the mic. This all took place Nov 03 2010, London UK.
This is again, in part preview to what will be a set of dates in and around the release of the new record, other part just a fresh set. Deviation sets don't oft leak out there, but this one has. Amazing.

Africa Hi Tech Recorded Live at Deviation 3/11/2010 by Benji B


Kyenkyen Adi Mawa - Alhaji K Frimpong.
No Agreement - Fela kuti
Akula Owu Onyeara - The Funkees
NYA Asem Hwe - City boys Band
Lion - Harmonic 313
Bazooka Riddim - Harmonic 313
Cypress Phil - Hudson Mohawke
Scar - Harmonic 313/Wiley
Jellyfizzle - Danny Breaks
Dirtbox - Harmonic 313
Carry The Weight (Box Box remix) Machine drum
From The Drop - Wiley Mj Cole
Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix) Dubbel Dutch
Subsonicfreedom Skyank Zed Bias
Blen Remix - Africa Hitech
Boingy - Africa Hitech
Caveman style - Africa Hitech
Treetrunk - Coki
Eyes Vip - Mala
80s Baby - Silkie
West Coast - Dok feat Terror Danjah
Readysetloop - SBTRKT
Shaka The Warrior - House Of Deb
Kunte Kinte - The Revolutionaries
6 Million Dub - Mad professor
Education - Mala
93 Million Miles - Africa Hitech
Out in the streets - Africa Hitech
One Blood - Dj Roc
Who's The Coldest - Dj Rashad
Lion Heart - Dillinja and Berti B
Babylon - Splash
Dark Soldier (Back in the day mix) - Raykeith
Super Sharp Shooter - Dj Zinc
True Stories - Dj Krust
Eve - Spacek - Dilla remix
This beat is mine - Vicky D
Distant planet - Fingers Inc
How does it make u feel - Africa Hitech
Alone in the sun - Steve Spacek
Dollar - Steve Spacek
J dilla MJ Tribute.


Say wrd.


Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v19 [DWNLD]

What do you do after being way almost 1 month?? One thing for sure if that you boot iTunes and see what's come down the pipe.
And miraculously, my timing could not have been better. Low End Theory has uploaded a new podcast.
Conducting the ceremonious event are resident Gaslamp Killer and Jon Hopkins.


Never on schedule, but always on time....



Friday, March 4, 2011

RBMA Tour: Visit to Cantos Foundation [VIDEO]

We had a day off in Calgary this RBMA Tour and were treated to a surprise. A visit to the Cantos Foundation.
We saw some of the most vintage pianos and keyboards, most donated by everyday people who wanted to see them go somewhere they would be most appreciated.
Cantos Foundation is that place. And, to boot, our most gracious host Brandon Smith was probably happier than we were - somehow - to see a group of ppl who were ready to hear every little detail about each item. And, there were plenty. Here's a little clip of what we saw and heard.

Amazing. I was posting this and had to send this link to Computer J who happened to be online. Dude was blown away.

In any case, if you're ever in Calgary pls look into a guided tour @ the Cantos Foundation. If you love keys - form classic pianos, to rare clavichord to vintage electronic keyboards, you'll certainly be enamored for the duration of the visit there.


Shouts to Peter Hagge from Catalog Creative for the great vid.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Om Unit Mix for Lucky Me [DWNLD]

To be honest, dude is a genius. Om Unit's production has been absolutely stellar and look for a little write up about it in the next few days.

But, seeing that I have been zig zagging around w/ the Canadian Lucky Me crew, it's only right that I also mention Om Unit's recent mix for the Lucky Me massive.


** Updated **

March 16th, Om Unit finally announced the tracklist, a rarity for a Lucky Me mix.


Dels – trumpalump (Gwilym Gold’s Way below hell remix) (Big Dada)
Jugoe – In Memory Of (Bastard Jazz)
Clause Four – Suspense (Modern Soul)
1000 Names – Make A Clap (Svetlana Industries)
Kixnare – Keepthat (U Know me Poland)
Mosca – Tilt Shift (Fat City)
Behling + Simpson – Yenesei (unreleased)
Kassem Mosse – Demo Drums (Kinda Soul)
Mark E – Nobody Else (Running Back)
Naive Machine – Afrika (Om Unit Remix) (Hit and Hope)
Gunnar Wendel – 578 (Omar S Rude Boy Warm mix) (FXHE)
Jazz Neversleeps – Natte Vinger (On Point)
Paul Simon – Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit) (Supreme)


Say wrd.


Gold Panda: Marriage EP + Tour Dates [VIDEO]

One of my faves. My have mentioned that in the past, but it's worth mentioning again. Gold Panda's a great cat w/ dope tracks.
And, he's now released an brand new 12", Marriage - one of my fave tracks and the third single from the Lucky Shiner LP

Featured on this one are remixes from UK's Star Slinger, beat driven breakout Baths and a remix from Forest Swords.

The 12" is available to stream now thought the digital release is also out now.

Gold Panda: Marriage EP by Gold Panda

Looks like there's also a bonus track. Though no mention, i''m going to say that it's a wax exclusive? 50/50. Anyhow, as I mentioned digital is out now and the wax will be available April 16th.

The video for "Marriage" was created by Israeli artist Ronni Shendar on location in India, Germany and Israel during December 2010 and January 2011. The director is also known for her live A/V work with electronic producer Glitterbug (Till Rohmann) with whom she runs the c.sides festival and label.

And lastly, Gold Panda will be on tour supporting the Lucky Shiner LP with some dates across continents

03.01 London, UK @ XOYO
03.02 Amsterdam, NL @ MELKWEG (5 DAYS OFF FESTIVAL)
03.15 - 03.19 Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.22 Vancouver, BC @ FORTUNE SOUND CLUB
03.23 Seattle , WA @ NECTAR LOUNGE
03.24 Portland, OR @ ROTTURE
03.25 San Francisco, CA @ 103 HARRIET
03.27 Los Angeles, CA @ TROUBADOUR
03.29 Chicago, IL @ SCHUBAS
03.30 Toronto, ON @ TBA
03.31 Philadelphia, PA @ THE ARCH
04.01 Washington, DC @ RED PALACE
04.02 Brooklyn, NY @ GLASSLANDS
04.20 Laval, FR @ LE 6 PAR 4
04.21 Lille, FR @ LE GRAND MIX
04.22 Nancy, FR @ L'AUTRE CANAL
04.23 Paris, FR @ POINT EPHEMERE
05.28 Barcelona, ES @ PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daedelus: Tailor Made (TOKiMONSTA rmx) [DWNLD]

As seen on a recent soundcloud post, a new single from his highness in finest habiliments Daedelus on Ninja Tune.
Tailor-Made is the new single from Daedelus, taken from his forthcoming new album 'Bespoke due out March 21. Treated we are to a re-stitch of the single from the busiest seamstress TOKiMONSTA.

Daedelus - Tailor-Made feat. Milosh (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by Ninja Tune & Big Dada

Download this track for free at here.



Finest Ego: New Zealand / Australian Comp [DWNLD]

I knew that long ago, there was good music coming from all corners of the world including hip hop. I used to frequent this trade show called MIDEM and would come across so much goodness from cats all across. And, part of my schooling might have been growing up french speaking, and listening to French rap. They were making their own beats. So, naturally I knew there was talent in EU.
Fast forward to 2011, these comps have been surfacing, showcasing the best of the best from all territories.
To highlight the talent coming from South Pacific's Australia and New Zealand is the Finest Ego: New Zealand / Australian Beatmaker Compilation

PMC033 - Finest Ego | New Zealand / Australian Compilation by Project Mooncircle

On it are many names we've not been so familiar with (until now), and a few others i've come across previously. Featured are ppl like RBMA graduate Ta Ku, ppl like Galapagoose who I knew was a fave of Daedelus, as well as Adi Dick, Ben Houghton, Ben Jamin w/ Matt Miller, Christoph El Truento, D:UNK, Electric Sea Spider, Isaac Aesili, Kilter, Lewis McCallum, Mike Kay, Panorama and Slamagotchi. You can download the mixed sampler for preview and enjoyment or hit the bandcamp page to listen to all the tracks.

The comp is out now, and you can hit Finest Ego or Project Mooncircle for more deets


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