Thursday, February 17, 2011

RBMA Tour: Remix Contest [DWNLD]

And so it begins....

As you know the Red Bull Music Academy application drive for TOKYO 2011 is up and going, and if you didn't know, fear not. We're here. We're crisscrossing across the Canadian landscape to give you a taste of what they academy is all about. And, to do so, we've embarked on this tour we're calling Destination Tokyo along w/ some of Canada's most prominent rising stars: Ango, Lunice, Jacques Greene and Prison Garde.
And during this tour, we're inviting all producers, the adroit like the apprentice to submit for the exclusive RBMA Tour Remix Contest

What's it all about??

Ango, Prison Garde and Lunice are the triumvirate that is Nouveau Palais. They're going to release their project via Surefire Sound later this year, and the winning remix will be included as an official remix b-side. Add to that, a $1000 gift certificate which you'll be able to use @ Moog Audio, one of Canada's top retailer for music production equipment. Nice.
If you're attending the Red Bull Music Academy tour lectures, you'll be given a USB key which will contain all the parts But if you can't wait, you can head down the the RBMA Exclaim site to grab the stems/parts now.

Drama by Nouveau Palais

The instructions are all there and, lastly - good luck!

Things will kick off tonight in Winnipeg so it you're there, we look fwd to seeing all of you. For the rest of the tour dates, you can see them here.

Say wrd.


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