Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illum Sphere: The Day After Valentine's Day [DWNLD]

I keep telling girls... Everyday is Valentine's. ;) Seriously. I get it though. It's always nice to have that one night where you know you're getting spoiled, showered with admiration, accolades and... well, have fun. But what stop on Valentine's??
Enter Manchester's monarch, head of Hoya Hoya Illum Sphere.
Do you need slow jams?? I know I don't, though you would not have known from Monday. I used to have ladies over and play some Bobby Digital. Some days, Cinematic Orchestra.
But Illum Sphere sets it straight with his Day After Valentine's Day mix, for all to take in.

The Day After Valentine's Day- DOWNLOAD by Illum Sphere

In any case enjoy, from Manchester to you and yours.



1 comment:

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