Sunday, January 16, 2011

Virtual Boy: Symphony No. N0ne [DWNLD]

Here we go again.

The virtual tidal wave of talent coming from SoCal is once again crashing on our shores. Coming from the halls of The Airliner in downtown LA, Virtual Boy is an LA duo of classically trained musicians who are also grads of the infamous Low End Theory school of Deep Bass Studies.
Presenting their digi dissertation: Symphony No. N0ne

On the lower end of the tempo scale, Virtual Boy creates a 4 track interstellar score that would make Stanley Kubrick proud. As the release reads:
Virtual Boy blasts off into the far reaches of outer space with Symphony No. None, a majestic musical saga set in a vivid cosmos of crystallized synths, soaring orchestration and rib-popping basslines that never hold back.


Symphony No. N0ne

1. Thrust
2. Breach of the Descendants
3. The Future Holds a Beat
4. Mass

Due out Feb 1 2011 via Alpha Pup, Symphony No. N0ne will be available in most reputable digital outlets.

And here's something to take along. Almost 1300 downloads in 5 days. Get down.

Virtual Boy: Mass by ALPHA PUP


Say wrd.


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