Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toast x 2010


A year to recall on lotsa levels. But before I even attempt to recap the past three hundred and sixty some days, I simply wanted to send salutations and thanks to all who have perused this space. it's been a total labor of love. But how could it be otherwise?? Hard to believe that a chance phone call to some friends @ Red Bull in 2007 could have essentially catapulted this situation. AMAZING.
So I as I commence another yr, I must look back @ 2010 and again thank all for what has been by far the most productive and successful one. Best believe, non of this would be possible w/o the music, as 92bpm is essentially a conduit for the cancións, and need to thank the labels, PR and producers I have had the pleasure to work with.
With the new year, come well wishes but also resolutions. I certainly have more hopes for the blog and I know it will grow w/ absolute certainty, and am working to improve it on many levels. Look for more 92bpm Presents this year, look for a Kaleidoscope AV brand to make it's way out there, and i'm also looking to improve contact w/ my readers. Running 92bpm is @ times a daunting task as my hours are many times seemingly spoken for already, but man... i love it.
With that being said, whether you're a recent reader or long time follower, salute, cheers and many thanks for stopping by. Totally appreciate it. For the new ones, welcome aboard and pour yourself your fave drink. Let's go.

say wrd.



  1. Thank you for all the goodness in 2010 and keep doin your thang in 2011!

  2. Thank you !!!
    Keep it up for 2011

  3. Congrats on the long run and I'm still followin'!


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