Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rare Slum Village Footage Unearthed [VIDEO]

Wow. I got the same sensation as when my man Cairo broke out some bombshell footage from a Toronto show/interview in 2002.
But not only does this predate the Toronto video (which was featured on the Stones Throw splash page when they saw it), and not only features a spry and healthy Dilla, but we're talking about Slum Village footage - as the seminal unit. Uploaded yesterday, and shot during what looks like was the Goodvibe tour in 2000 in LA @ the Key Club. Lucky for them as word was during that tour, Dilla had arbitrarily skipped dates. So some never got to witness the two MPCs getting rawked live on stage. (We in Toronto got to witness it)
Shouts to Eric Lau who put it out for me to find it on twitter, but most def Soul As Is Music for this priceless footage.




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