Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q & A w/ Com Truise [DWNLD]

A quick Q & A with Com Truise, courtesy of Ghostly.

Com Truise is one of the many personas of producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York and operating out of a 12'-overrun apartment in Princeton, New Jersey. An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise is the maker of an experimental and bottom heavy style he calls "mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk".

Who would you want to take out of hiding and sit in the studio with, even if it was just for one song?

Boards Of Canada, just being able to chat with them about gear, the past, and the future would be surreal.

Describe a perfect day for Seth Haley. A Perfect day for Com Truise?

Waking up really early, lets say 5am. Brewing a pot of coffee and starting some new tracks, followed by a trip the the record store to dig for some old jams. To finish it off I'd eat a pizza and watch THX1138, Blade Runner or Videodrome. I'm rather simple.

What was the meanest thing anyone has said or done to Com Truise?

I mean, look at my press photos. Would you say or do anything to me? I double as my own bodyguard.

How does film play into your life? Are you inspired by any directors?

I'm more inspired by great narrative in film rather than a specific director. And soundtracks! For the most part, I draw a lot of inspiration from film--I'm a very visual person and I think that comes across in my music.

What was your best synth shopping experience?

I went to this shop with my friend (Teeel) once, up in north Jersey. Three Wave Music. A warehouse with wall to wall gear, I mean this guy had like 10 Prophet 5's, 6 EMU Emulator II's, gear and gear and more gear, most in great condition. I bought my Oberheim DX there. What was meant to be a quick trip turned into an epic day, like two kids in a candy shop.


And as a treat, download his Pyragony 12" here.


Say wrd.


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