Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Diamond: Levitate Out Today [DWNLD]

Moments ago, the good ppl @ Elm & Oak finally dropped the Levitate EP by Paper Diamond, Alex B's pretty boy alias. The full time musician, now a svelte 155lbs after shedding what he referred to unhealthy weight, not only introduces us to a new look, but also a brand new sound. After releasing a great record in Moments, he felt a need for something with a tad more club bounce. Enter Paper Diamond's Levitate EP.

This Levitate EP by Paper Diamond was produced punctiliously, with the precision and care of an origami design, meant to maintain and beat to the pulse of the party. As mentioned per the Elm & Oak site:

The tracks embody the type of raw energy and dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. Driving beats and bass grab on tight while deep, rich tones rumble under layers of spacey synthesizers, sweet melodies, and catchy vocals.

No doubt.

Paper Diamond || Levitate || download (right click)

Go and grab this Levitate EP by Paper Diamond. It's a freebie. Enjoy.

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