Friday, January 28, 2011

Mizz Beats: Are We The Dictators? EP

This is something I've been looking fwd to for quite some time. After hearing much of Mizz Beats' riddims on Alex Nut's show, i was sold. True say, a sistren like Zayns in the one that showed me the truth still. Nice.
Now, we have artwork and a title: Are We The Dictators EP

Mizz Beats, in all I have heard, has displayed brilliant range in styles, and always dazzling production. From broken, to 140 bizness to a straight slow tempo banger, it's all been lovely. Indeed. Totally looking fwd to the 5 Track Are We The Dictators EP, from the good ppl @ the Eglo Camp. Big.

Mizz Beats || 2 Bit Road || Eglo Records


Say wrd.


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