Monday, January 10, 2011

Mixed Nuts: Alex Nut Holiday Shows on Rinse FM [DWNLD]

Rinse FM has a gang of shows and they're all stellar selections, but for some reason, I wake up every Saturday morning to listen to the Mixed Nuts show w/ Alex Nut and Queen Fatima. Love that program. I simply break out the iPhone and run the RinseFM app and listen to the show. You'll get a bag of new riddims and he'll go from 140 riddims to beats bizness. it's all fire @ the end of the day.

Anyhow, this past end of 2010, his show landed on both Christmas day as well as New Year's Day. Whoa. Not the days you want to work, but thankfully for us, not only did he NOT take the day off, he delivered 2 stellar shows. The Christmas one was titled as a Talk Box special, and the Jan 01 edition was the usual beat bizness fire. Sick.

Mixed Nut feat Alex Nut + Queen Fatima || Christmas Special || Download

Mixed Nut feat Alex Nut + Queen Fatima || New Year's Day Special || Download

Stream the shows here or just download from the Rinse FM site.

And man, this past week they had our fave scientist Floatingpoints @ the helm long side Queen Fatima and ARP 101. Look for that one to be up soon. ;)

Anyhow, enjoy.

Say wrd.


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