Saturday, January 15, 2011

Groundislava: Book Of Tech [DWNLD]

Many will agree that Cali practices beat science with a religious zeal. Most are found in basements praying @ their production pulpits, brandishing beat bibles, engaging in musical mass with fellow producing parishioners, listening to symphonious sermons from deacons of digital and archbishops of analog.
So it's no surprise to see these 'churchgoers' worshiping to great pastoral aspirations, hoping to one day lead their own congregation. Enter Groudislava.
Young Cali cat from the Wedidit Collective that has brought us Shlohmo, Jon Wayne and Elan to name a few, has released an EP Book Of Tech, as he adds the finishing touches to this full length due in April from the good ppl @ Friends Of Friends.

Groudislava's Book Of Tech is a journey down the pixelated world of 8bit, but with more fidelity and resolution than most out there. Whilst some may lead you to believe you're in fact playing a recorded session of Commodore 64 games, this is much more musical than that. The low bit rate is present, along with synth accompaniments and even vocals in some cases. Dope.

Ground Is Lava || Creeper Shit || download [via XLR8R]

You can scoop the whole Book Of Tech EP @ the Wedidit site.


Say wrd.


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