Monday, January 24, 2011

Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards: Lefto Films [VIDEO]

This past weekend, Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards took place. Many of our faves were award recipients, and many more were in attendance. There were some amazing performances, and it was a very packed house - as expected. A very well edited summary was put together my our friend LeFtO.
This weekend we celebrated the 2011 Worldwide Awards in London. Koko was the name, a great, old looking venue, a magical place. This video resumes the night (in a way), going from early afternoon with soundchecks and preparations… Enjoy the video.- LeFtO

You can read more here. Maybe next year i'll reach. Shouts to my girl Peggy - I see you! Ya!

Say wrd.



  1. whats the name of the rack used in the video?


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