Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma Alts & Outakes

This can only be described as sorcery. In part act of benignity, and other black magic, Flying Lotus had prophesied something big was coming.

hey remember that gift i was telling you about... Well.. Tomorrow is the dAY MY FRIENDSless than a minute ago via web

Well, come it did. Flying Lotus recompensed the owners of the Cosmogramma CD with a folder of freebies. How to get it??
By accessing his page and using this app called Trigger. Essentially, by allowing your computer to take a shot of the CD, it would decipher the embedded scripts and out of nowhere, a download would start.

I found myself agape and stunned, looking around wondering what had just happened - outside of what looked like pure witchery.

In this folder was selected outtakes and alt versions of songs as they were worked on, and reworked for this classic Cosmogramma record.

Almost feel like listing such tracks would somehow be interpreted as blasphemy, and contravene the wishes of a High Priest somewhere, so I'll let you cats do the work. But man... this was a nutty experience.

If you still haven't picked up Cosmogramma, now's never been a better time. I'm off to put on my habit.


Say wrd.


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  1. definitely the coolest black magic ever though


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