Monday, January 31, 2011

Dibiase: Sound Palace [DWNLD]

Maybe to some's surprise, but certainly not mine, Dibia$e got history. Dude has material from here to eternity and back. So when an email pops in indicating that he's got new little product bubbling, i'm certainly pumped.
Essentially, he's assembled a group of 14 bangers ranging form some of the Red Bull Big Tune bangers (like this CD he dropped in my hands @ the 2008 National Finals) and some classics that never really saw light of day or as he puts it: "basically alot of soul shit to knock". The result is a quick little comp entitled Sound Palace

This is an entirely indie project so to get a hold on this. you need to email him directly: The CD is $10 w/ free ship/handle within the US. Others, I'm certain he'll make needed arrangements.

Dibia$e || Strangeland || download (right click)

Sounds like a deal to me.

Say wrd,.




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