Friday, January 14, 2011

92BPM Presents: SAMIYAM + TEEBS + MYMANHENRI FEB 03 @ The Drake Hotel

Consider this the start of the KALEIDOSCOPE events. This will be more than music, but we will start it w/ a very musical evening in the city's best venue.

On behalf of 92BPM, It's my pleasure to announce the following event:

Be prepared for a special night.

Feb 03rd, we are hosting Ann Arbor's SAMIYAM's returns to Toronto after a smashing debut last March in a show @ The Drake Underground, bringing that brand of beat science that made him a Red Bull Music Academy alumni from the 2007 class. Having released records on both HyperDub and Brainfeeder, SAMIYAM will be back in Toronto with his SP-404, playing all new material his LP due out later this year on Brainfeeder.

But also appearing for the 1st time @ The Drake Underground is the NY born, Cali raised TEEBS. An artist in the truest sense of the term, TEEBS has split his time b/w creating beautiful canvases and quite possibly producing the associated soundtrack. Again, his talents as a producer and a visual artists also landed him in the halls of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008 in Barcelona. Upon his return, he found himself releasing music from Svetlana Industries, All City Records, but the masterpiece was his Brainfeeder release called ARDOUR which was given a brilliant 8/10 from Pitchfork and was described in part as follows:

"... Maybe the best way I can think of to describe that tone is one of disorienting joy: It's wispy and gentle and a bit cheerful on the surface, but giving [ARDOUR] a deep listen will bring forth some of the more complex and abrasive elements to the forefront. This music can be flat-out beautiful while still giving your head a jostle..." - Pitchfork's Nate Patrin

Rounding out the the lineup for the night will be Toronto's mymanhenri who has single handedly championed this new and genre defying beat science / electronic scene locally by 1st starting with the penmanship of his his blog, ( but then via live curation of shows in Toronto. This enabled him to play with the likes of Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Take, Falty DL, Hudson Mohawke, Onra & Floating Points among many others. This night will be a continuance of his KALEIDOSCOPE vision which is one where the music, visual art and film all collide for a singular & idiosyncratic experience.

TEEBS' romantic soundtrack coupled with SAMIYAM's brand of boom bap will undoubtedly showcase some of Brainfeeder's best. Add to that mymanhenri's experimentation in beat science, the afore mentioned will be the musical score for the Thursday Feb 03rd evening, taking place in the city's best venue @ The Drake Underground, for a true KALEIDOSCOPE experience.

SAMIYAM (Brainfeeder, LA) TEEBS (Brainfeeder, My Hollow Drum, LA)
w/ mymanhenri (92BPM, Kaleidoscope, Toronto)
Thursday Feb 03 2011 @ The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
$10 Adv, Tickets on sale Jan 19th @ The Drake + Slinky/Moog

You can RSVP on Facebook here.

** JAN 17th UPDATE **

And to set it off correctly, let's take in a mix TEEBS did for XLR8R.

TEEBS Mix || XLR8R Podcast || download

See you in a few weeks.

Say Wrd.


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