Monday, January 31, 2011

Dibiase: Sound Palace [DWNLD]

Maybe to some's surprise, but certainly not mine, Dibia$e got history. Dude has material from here to eternity and back. So when an email pops in indicating that he's got new little product bubbling, i'm certainly pumped.
Essentially, he's assembled a group of 14 bangers ranging form some of the Red Bull Big Tune bangers (like this CD he dropped in my hands @ the 2008 National Finals) and some classics that never really saw light of day or as he puts it: "basically alot of soul shit to knock". The result is a quick little comp entitled Sound Palace

This is an entirely indie project so to get a hold on this. you need to email him directly: The CD is $10 w/ free ship/handle within the US. Others, I'm certain he'll make needed arrangements.

Dibia$e || Strangeland || download (right click)

Sounds like a deal to me.

Say wrd,.



A Rare Find: Devonwho's Nimbus (14kt rmx) [DWNLD]

You gotta love this. 14kt forgets to submit his rmx as requested for Devonwho and finds it 1yr later. He then decided to throw it up for masses to enjoy. Nice. Can't be mad @ that.

Devonwho "Nimbus" [14KT flip] by 14KT

Hit the little arrow and it's all yours.


Say Wrd.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Austin Peralta: Endless Planets

Austin Peralta. Austin Peralta. Where did I know this name from?? Some reflection later, I quickly realized where. In Sept 2009, during Warp 20 NY, Lotus introduced a few of us to a young jazz prodigy he was very excited to be releasing under the Brainfeeder umbrella: this was Austin Peralta.
Back then, he had already making the prediction that Brainfeeder was moving in this direction, and ffwd to 2011 the time has arrived.
The recent BBC1 Brainfeeder takeover might have been considered the prologue, but we are now 1 week away from Brainfeeder's possibly most significant release, Austin Peralta's Endless Planets.


Austin Peralta is a jazz musician. Not in the sense that he or people close to him bandy around the word “jazz” (or even worse, “jazzy”) in relation to his music. No, in the sense of years of practice and dedication to a particular artform. In the sense of having played with, amongst many others, the likes of Chick Corea, Hank Jones and Ron Carter. In the sense of having serious chops. Of playing the piano and composing like a true veteran. And in the sense of having done all that by the time he’s twenty one. And that’s before you even get into his work as a session player for everyone from Erykah Badu to Shafiq Husayn, or the time he sat in with legendary LA big band, Horace Tapscott’s Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra.

But, as Flying Lotus explains, “this is a step in direction of where I want Brainfeeder to go. True musicianship as well as some interesting electronics.” Peralta, another LA native and son of legendary Z-Boy skater and, latterly, documentary film-maker Stacy Peralta, in many ways fits clearly into what Brainfeeder has always been about, a combination of questing futurism and an understanding of where you’re coming from. So while Peralta works alongside serious jazz musicians like Zane Musa (alto sax), Ben Wendel (tenor and soprano), Hamilton Price (bass) and Zach Harmon (drums), he also relies on longtime friend and associate Strangeloop for electronic manipulation throughout the set and ends the album with a scintillating collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra and singer Heidi Vogel.

“People would always tell me about this genius jazz pianist,” Flying Lotus recalls. “‘Hes like 17 or 18 and already sounds like Mccoy Tyner!’ I had to go and see what was up, so Strangeloop introduced me, and I got to hear this amazing record.” And once he’d heard it there was only one outcome. It is, after all, the Brainfeeder way. “We had to put it out.” - Brainfeeder press release.

Austin Peralta - Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles by BRAINFEEDER

Austin PeraltaEndless Planets will be out Feb 08 2011.

Say wrd.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Mizz Beats: Are We The Dictators? EP

This is something I've been looking fwd to for quite some time. After hearing much of Mizz Beats' riddims on Alex Nut's show, i was sold. True say, a sistren like Zayns in the one that showed me the truth still. Nice.
Now, we have artwork and a title: Are We The Dictators EP

Mizz Beats, in all I have heard, has displayed brilliant range in styles, and always dazzling production. From broken, to 140 bizness to a straight slow tempo banger, it's all been lovely. Indeed. Totally looking fwd to the 5 Track Are We The Dictators EP, from the good ppl @ the Eglo Camp. Big.

Mizz Beats || 2 Bit Road || Eglo Records


Say wrd.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q & A w/ Com Truise [DWNLD]

A quick Q & A with Com Truise, courtesy of Ghostly.

Com Truise is one of the many personas of producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York and operating out of a 12'-overrun apartment in Princeton, New Jersey. An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise is the maker of an experimental and bottom heavy style he calls "mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk".

Who would you want to take out of hiding and sit in the studio with, even if it was just for one song?

Boards Of Canada, just being able to chat with them about gear, the past, and the future would be surreal.

Describe a perfect day for Seth Haley. A Perfect day for Com Truise?

Waking up really early, lets say 5am. Brewing a pot of coffee and starting some new tracks, followed by a trip the the record store to dig for some old jams. To finish it off I'd eat a pizza and watch THX1138, Blade Runner or Videodrome. I'm rather simple.

What was the meanest thing anyone has said or done to Com Truise?

I mean, look at my press photos. Would you say or do anything to me? I double as my own bodyguard.

How does film play into your life? Are you inspired by any directors?

I'm more inspired by great narrative in film rather than a specific director. And soundtracks! For the most part, I draw a lot of inspiration from film--I'm a very visual person and I think that comes across in my music.

What was your best synth shopping experience?

I went to this shop with my friend (Teeel) once, up in north Jersey. Three Wave Music. A warehouse with wall to wall gear, I mean this guy had like 10 Prophet 5's, 6 EMU Emulator II's, gear and gear and more gear, most in great condition. I bought my Oberheim DX there. What was meant to be a quick trip turned into an epic day, like two kids in a candy shop.


And as a treat, download his Pyragony 12" here.


Say wrd.


TEEBS: Wind Loop (BearClaw's Cicada Remix) [DWNLD]

In what I will call a double highlight, The ppl @ Proximal are releasing a rmx follow up to the Proximity One: Narrative of a City. The comp which shed light on the well known and the new coming from the LA area in the beat science school, will now be followed up by Proximity One: Narrative Remixes. This remix EP is due Feb 22 2011 .

The tracklist will read as follows:

1. TOKiMONSTA – Cigarette Lust (90% Wake Mix)
2. Teebs – Wind Loop (BearClaw’s Cicada Remix)
3. Dam-Funk – A Day At the Carnival (Benedek’s Freak Show Mix)
4. Dr. Strangeloop – Strange Utopia (Lawrence Grey’s Rat Hole Mix)
5. Daedelus – Off Angles Edges (Sahy Uhns’ Tension Remeditation)

Teebs || Wind Loop (BearClaw’s Cicada Remix) || Download

TORONTO: DO remember that Teebs will be in Toronto Feb 03rd along w/ Samiyam. All info here.


Say wrd.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thom York Interviews Flying Lotus

After handing him his award @ Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards, Thom Yorke has the pleasure of interviewing Flying Lotus, in his finest habiliments. Enjoy.

Say wrd


Paper Diamond: Levitate Out Today [DWNLD]

Moments ago, the good ppl @ Elm & Oak finally dropped the Levitate EP by Paper Diamond, Alex B's pretty boy alias. The full time musician, now a svelte 155lbs after shedding what he referred to unhealthy weight, not only introduces us to a new look, but also a brand new sound. After releasing a great record in Moments, he felt a need for something with a tad more club bounce. Enter Paper Diamond's Levitate EP.

This Levitate EP by Paper Diamond was produced punctiliously, with the precision and care of an origami design, meant to maintain and beat to the pulse of the party. As mentioned per the Elm & Oak site:

The tracks embody the type of raw energy and dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. Driving beats and bass grab on tight while deep, rich tones rumble under layers of spacey synthesizers, sweet melodies, and catchy vocals.

No doubt.

Paper Diamond || Levitate || download (right click)

Go and grab this Levitate EP by Paper Diamond. It's a freebie. Enjoy.

Say Wrd


Pixelord's Fish Touch EP [DWNLD]

I've been waiting for this one to drop. Russia's Pixelord returns w/ a release courtesy of the good ppl over @ Error-Broadcast: Fish Touch EP

After getting a hold of Lucid Freaks, as well as the remixes, some of us have been impatiently waiting for this Fish Touch EP and we weren't disappointed.
I'll just say that, this EP's credits read much like the cats that 92bpm have covered in the last little. We're treated to Pixelord's music, as well as a multitude of RMXs from friends and fam. Remixes from Leornard Dstroy, heRobust, Kidkanevil and this much talked about Om Unit remix (and deservedly so)


And too boot, enjoy the Leornard Dstroy rmx for Fish Touch on the house. It's a free download.

Make sure to check Error-Broadcast for more deets.


Say wrd.


Introducing Sert One [DWNLD]

This is what happens when I actually go through my soundcloud inbox.
Originally from Ireland, Sert One, who's 21 yrs young has been DJing for about 10 yrs (!!!!) and producing for about 5. He most recently took on the beat science/experimental end of producing in the last year.

So as Sert One readies a EP release dated for Feb 21st on Melted Music, here are a few treats from our good friend, who now calls Liverpool home.

A freebie form Sert One.

Not In Love ft. Robert Smith - Crystal Castles (SertOne Remix) by SertOneMusic

And another pretty joint forthcoming...

Morning Rise (Alarm) by SertOneMusic


Say wrd.


Another Morgan Zarate Mix for Ampsoul Generation

On his tour of duty, just a day after the 12" form Hyperdub dropped, Morgan Zarate submits another mix, this time to Jay Scarlett's ASG
This is a reunion of sorts, as both he and Jay were part of the Spacek soundsystem, so it was only right that this took place.

Stream it here all day. His Hookid EP is available now.


Say wrd. Shout to Jay, all day.


Monday, January 24, 2011

A.D.L.R.: Wisp (DevonWho rmx) [DWNLD]

Bolstering the original as only he can, Klipm0de's Devonwho submits a bass line lead reinterpretation of A.D.L.R.'s Wisp, building it up to a not so uncommon bounce, but a seldom seen swing in a new tempo range for him, potentially in double time - depending on your grad school of thought.

a.d.l.r. - "Wisp" (Devonwho Remix) by nonprojects

You can still go grab the original here. Shouts to Non Projects for this one.


Say wrd.


Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards: Lefto Films [VIDEO]

This past weekend, Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards took place. Many of our faves were award recipients, and many more were in attendance. There were some amazing performances, and it was a very packed house - as expected. A very well edited summary was put together my our friend LeFtO.
This weekend we celebrated the 2011 Worldwide Awards in London. Koko was the name, a great, old looking venue, a magical place. This video resumes the night (in a way), going from early afternoon with soundchecks and preparations… Enjoy the video.- LeFtO

You can read more here. Maybe next year i'll reach. Shouts to my girl Peggy - I see you! Ya!

Say wrd.


Morgan Zarate: Hookid EP

Say wrd. Morgan Spacek aka Morgan Zarate's long awaited Hyperdub release is out now.

Read full review of Hookid EP - Morgan Zarate on ©

Say wrd.



Andreya Triana: Far Closer (TOKiMONSTA rmx)

Some of you may recall the enchanting and wondrous Andreya Triana rmx courtesy of Brainfeeder's hnic Flying Lotus. Who could fault her for going back to the Cali label's well for it's magical properties. Tokimonsta was the enchantress this time around, supplying the lovely londoner w/ another ravishing remix.

Andreya Triana || Far Closer (TOKiMONSTA rmx) || download [via XLR8R]


Say wrd.


92BPM Presents: NAMM Round Up by Mike Gao

The National Association of Music Merchants aka NAMM is a trade show that takes place twice every year where music production aficionados can go see and hear new hardware and software from their fave manufacturer. Imagine this as the CES of music, or even a MacWorld of hardware. With the shift towards in house studios that took place years back, and the flourishing laptop musician/production market that keeps blossoming as new technology is introduced, it's only right that we keep an eye on this as many of the ppl we chat about use much of this low to mid range gear.
So, we enlisted the help of SoCal producer, software developer and all around good dude Mike Gao. You might have copped his latest release from All City, and his iPhone app (which we'll chat about very soon), but he's dedicated to the music beyond the actual production. He was nice enough to walk the floor @ NAMM and highlight what he thought were worth mention for our world. Enjoy.

NAMM Round Up - Mike Gao.

For the laptop musician, Akai has a new MPK Mini.

They are also putting out some keyboards that let you dock iPhones and iPads into them (I'm not sure how good iPhone/iPads are as modules due to still too high of a latency, I'd rather use them as controllers like in my own apps. My secret sources tell me iPad 2 is coming in April though, so maybe the processor boost will help this). Akai also has a new soundcard out that functions also as an USB hub.

It has mic-pres and a nice VU meter. What got me real hyped was they had my iPhone app and told me they loved it, probably because I had promoted it as being able to beat box into the phone and load it onto a MPC.

Dave Smith Instruments
Tempest is an analog drum machine with Roger Linn's name on it. Great sounds, plus there are two pressure and position sensitive slide controllers with LEDs for added expression.

It boasts 6 analog voices with 2 analog/2 digital oscillators each, as well as analog compression and distortion circuits. Sequencer is still not done with 4 months left before release, but currently it only works with 4/4 time signature and 16th note swing (no 8th note swing). Projected retail at $1,999

Korg has a new series of Nano controllers.

I am impressed with the pad one and how they fit 16 pads on it now. They also have a new Kaosspad which lets you do four effects at once, and a new flagship keyboard called the KRONOS that I will never be able to afford.

Livid Instruments
Despite not being part of the monopoly that companies like Akai and Novation have on Ableton integration, smart hackers like James ( have gotten around it, and will be releasing Ableton integration software for this MIDI controller underdog's beautiful Ohm64 controllers.

The folks at M-Audio have Torq 2.0 which supports other "open" hardware boxes such as Traktor, but not Serato's box. It seems like they are abandoning their original Torq boxes and focusing on hardware because their Torq boxes sucked (I spent 3 hours trying to debug a buzz that was just Torq's fault for Trueradio). It features four decks and can even work without its hardware now.

Moog unveiled its largest synth and smallest synth this year. The smallest is the Moog Slim Phatty, which is like a Little Phatty with no keyboard (table top sound module/rack mount only).

The largest was its new Voyager XL, with frontal patching like a modular synthesizer, and addition of a 500mm ribbon controller.

Thavius Beck was doing a good job showing these Ultranova keyboards with dope push-button knobs that can be assigned to different things. This is a powerful stand-alone virtual analog synthesizer that is priced pretty low at $699 retail and has a vocoder and mic that comes with it.

Focusrite has this tiny sound card with software that allows it to model different studio environments/speakers. Don't expect it to put a sub into your headphones though.

Rane has the new flagship Sixty-Eight 4-channel mixer out, which I was able to play with weeks ago at the GasLamp Killer's house. With cue buttons along the left and right sides, it is well integrated with Serato and features built in effects and the new Serato built in (2 USB ports). Serato has its new SL-4 out, with ability to control 4 decks, and also 2 USB 2.0 ports for seamless switching between DJs. Make sure to download the new Serato version.

Teenage Engineering
The OP-1 is amazingly designed in a small package.

Aesthetically and functionally, it blows anything at this size out of the water. With FM synth, sequencer, mic, multi-track recording, mini keyboard (no velocity though), and many features, this is truly a work of art and great engineering. Only problem is the $800 price.

Universal Audio
UAD, who makes hardware accelerated analog modeling plug-ins, and who I first studied VST plug-in programming from, unveiled a Firewire version of their plug-in cards. These plug-ins sound so good and model analog equipment so well, that it requires extra hardware horsepower. Previously, it ran on PCIe cards, but as new Macs came out with different slots, they would become no longer usable. Their new version unveiled at NAMM utilizes firewire which means it should be future proof. Bumped into Computer Jay on the last day of NAMM who was also singing the praises of these UAD plug-ins.

Infinite Response
My favorite keyboard controller (arguably the best in the game) is Infinite Response's Vax-77. It is a 77 key keyboard that folds up so you can fit it in a bag and take it with you.

Without going into technical detail about its innovative new approach to keyboards using magnetism and hall effect sensors, I will just say that it is very responsive and has polyphonic aftertouch. Oh shit I think I got too technical. Basically aftertouch means after you hold down a key, you can keep pushing it up and down to control something (like a filter). The MPC has this. Polyphonic aftertouch means each key has its own individual aftertouch, like having a modwheel under each finger.

Say wrd.

Def want to thank Mike Gao for taking his time to pen this. More on his exploits this week. Indeed.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rare Slum Village Footage Unearthed [VIDEO]

Wow. I got the same sensation as when my man Cairo broke out some bombshell footage from a Toronto show/interview in 2002.
But not only does this predate the Toronto video (which was featured on the Stones Throw splash page when they saw it), and not only features a spry and healthy Dilla, but we're talking about Slum Village footage - as the seminal unit. Uploaded yesterday, and shot during what looks like was the Goodvibe tour in 2000 in LA @ the Key Club. Lucky for them as word was during that tour, Dilla had arbitrarily skipped dates. So some never got to witness the two MPCs getting rawked live on stage. (We in Toronto got to witness it)
Shouts to Eric Lau who put it out for me to find it on twitter, but most def Soul As Is Music for this priceless footage.




Mixed Nuts: Alex Nut Feat TEEBS LIVE [DWNLD]

I still recall telling some friends late last night that i wanted to get home in order to get some sleep and @ least listen to Teebs' set on Rinse FM's Mixed Nuts show w/ host with the most Alex Nut.
That show starts @ 8am EST and man, best part is that I listen to it on the Rinse FM's iPhone app (yup, there's an app for that too)
Here's the best part: Teebs went missing! So it almost looked like dude wasn't going to make it. Then Maradonna's Hand Of Gawd came into play and led him to the studio. Nice. So here it is, Teebs live @ the Mixed Nut show today. I normally would wait until Rinse's podcast but the podcast server's been down for sometime now. :(.

pic, courtesy of Teddy Fitzhugh

Mixed Nuts || Feat Teebs (Brainfeeder, LA) || download (right click)

For those in Toronto, do remember that Teebs is in town FEB 03 w/ SAMIYAM. All info here.

Say wrd.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Seems like 2010 was quite the year. Or maybe I just paid WAY more attention to it and it's participants. A few weeks past, the top 10 lists were coming out quicker than a Wikileaks twitter feed. So much so, I caught myself getting... say cheeky. LOL. No worries though.
Henceforth, much like I did last year, I reached out to friends and fam, and asked 'em what they were all looking fwd to in 2011. So here's how the emails came back from friends of 92bpm.

Presenting, Follow Friday FOLLOW 2011.

James Blake
Jay Electronica
Ben Westbeech
Roman Rauch
Theophilus London

Jamie Strong (Stones Throw, Do Over)
Hanni El Khatib (Innovative Leisure)
The Stepkids (Stones Throw)
The Do-Over (Global Edition)
The Return of Live Music
Robin Hannibal

Leeor Brown (Friends Of Friends)
James Blake
Rainbow Arabia
Nicolas Jaar
Dutty Artz (Atropolis)
Mexicans with Guns
Clive Tanaka
Todd Terje
Dubbel Dutch
LOL Boys

Laurent Fintoni (Rhythm Incursions)
Om Unit
Overknights Crew from Florence, Italy
Error Broadcast label

Daedelus (Magical Properties)
Matthew David
My Dry Wet Mess

Lexis (MIMS)
The upcoming BLU & EXILE LP
bonus: The TRIBE CALLED QUEST documentary

Anenon (Non Projects)
Producers becoming musicians and composers
More boxes of records and tapes in my living room
Repeatedly breaking down new personal musical boundaries
Non Projects friends and associates becoming household names
Asura taking over both acoustic and electronic landscapes

Onra (All City)
Walter Mecca
krystal Klear
Buddy Sativa

Daddy Kev (Alpha Pup, Low End Theory)
Young Montana
Virtual Boy
Austin Peralta

Alex Nut (Rinse FM, Eglo, Ho_Tep)
Marcus Intalex (non dnb stuff)
Mizz Beats

Juha (Viral Radio)

Coco Bryce, in particular his debut full length "Boesoek"
James Blake, new album which i believe is self titled.
Lunice, Jacques Greene and Ango (LuckyMe's Montreal Syndicate)
Rekordah and his Astro:Dynamics Label
All my Skweee affiliates around the globe, in particular the Flogsta Danshall and Harmönia labels.

Mark Pritchard (Warp)
Danny breaks - We all live in hope!
Dorian Concept
DJ Diamond
Dj Rashad
Mala and Coki

Andrew Meza (BTS Radio)
Morgan Zarate
Young Montana?

Ango (Lucky Me)
Jacques Greene (can I say Jacques Greene 5 times?)
Kool Clap
Prison Garde
Jamie Woon
John Computer

Dibiase (Alpha Pup/Fat City)

Jonathan Kim (Synergy Works)
Bacon - I think rappers are gonna be eating bacon again in 2011
James Blake

Sven Swift (Error Broadcast)
Fly Russia
Green Llama
Leaving Records
Wedidit crew
Montgomery Clunk

Jay Scarlett (Beat Dimension, ASG)
Moresounds (FR)
Krts (U.S.A)
Sixtus Priess (AUS)
Lost Twin (U.K)
Salva (U.S.A)

Longshanks (SubDivision)
Prison Garde/Ango/Nouveau Palais
Loops Haunt
Soft Wear
Jacques Greene

Amelia (Put Me On It)
Jamie Woon
Tanya Auclair
Olivier Daysoul

Thanks for your time lady and gents, ;)

See you soon.

Say wrd.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

J Dilla & Madlib: Louder (Blast Your Radio) [DWNLD]

Drawing closer to Dilla Month, Stones Throw throws a freebie for the ppl dem.
An unreleased collb b/w Madlib the bad kid, and the mighty J Dilla. You don't get to hear Madlib spit all that much these days, and are treated to some rare rhymes from the recherché Mr. reticent.
This is from the Madlib Medicine Show #11, so for those that don't have it yet (or just can no longer keep up), here's the track.

Jaylib - Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme) by stonesthrow

You can download it here.


Say wrd.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paper Diamond: Soon Come [DWNLD]

Been listening to a mix of this Paper Diamond record due from the good ppl @ Elm & Oak. Pumped to see this drop.
Soon come. *BLING*

Paper Diamond || Paper Diamond Sampler || download (right click)



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Morgan Zarate: Exclusive URB Mag Mix [DWNLD]

Love it. Been a Spacek fan the minute I heard Curvatia. I recall this one time they came to Toronto during a SERIOUS rain storm and rawked it for a few of us. NUTS. Grabbed the Producer #1 record and played that one into the ground. So awesome.
So when the news broke that Hyperdub had a Morgan Zarate record in the chamber?? Jubilation.
Morgan Zarate, equal contributor in Spacek's production among many others, has a production palette as colorful as they come. So for him to have a record coming from the good man @ Hyperdub is of no surprise, more saturnalia.
So as we patiently wait for the Morgan Zarate 12" to drop, we have the pleasure of listening to mix for URB magazine by yours truly, accompanied by a quick interview.


01. John Carpenter – Back To The Pod
02. Morgan Zarate – Hookid
03. Terror Danjah – Acid
04. Dizzee Rascal – What U Talkin
05. D Double E – Streetfighter
06. Mweslee – Eurocarne
07. Morgan Zarate – Buy Bye
08. Rustie – Zig-Zag
09. Redlight – MDMA
10. Rox – My Baby Left Me (Terror Danjah Remix)
11. TRC – Skipping Rope
12. James Blake – CMYK
13. Danny Weed – Big Brother
14. Wiley – Icepole 2
15. Mark Pritchard – Caveman Style
16. Aletered Natives – Rass Out
17. MJ Cole – Angel Riddim
18. Wiley/J2K/Donae’o – Sugacakes
19. Cassie – Me & U (Mickey Pearce Remix)
20. VV Brown – Game Over (Cooly G Remix)
21. Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix)
22. The-Dream – Yamaha

Aren't we lucky. Make sure to grab it whilst you still can over @ URB. Not now, but RIGHT now. ;)

Say wrd.




Free The Robots: Jupiter [VIDEO]

Speaking of Free The Robots, here's a new (well, 18 days old new) video from the CTRL ALT DEL LP. Directed by Phil Nisco.


Say wrd.


Free The Robots: Tour Mix [DWNLD]

As it was described, a tour mix of LP + b-sides to promote his 1st North American tour - and his last LP. This was certainly the long tour that Free The Robots was on along w/ Deru and headliners The Glitch Mob in spring 2010.
Anyhow, a freebie from Free The Robots. Hit the little arrow and go!

Ctrl Alt Delete (2010 Tour Promo Mix) by Free the Robots


Say wrd.


Com Truise: Komputer Cast GhostlyCast #41 [DWNLD]

I still recall the day i went back to look @ some recent downloads I scooped one day this past summer, music by a certain Com Truise. I smiled @ the name, but was much more impressed with the riddims. This Princeton NJ tax payer, is a synth heavy tracks player, described by some as synth wave but by himself as vintage synth-funk for the modern nostalgic individual, but ultimately conjures memories of early computerized production technology. That was my other captivation, as I flashed back to the days of creating birthday songs for my mom in B.A.S.I.C. on the Commodore 64 and a Texas Instrument computer. I in fact dug up the C64 during the Xmas holidays cause of it. Say wrd.
Enter the good ppl @ Ghostly. They evidently saw the genius of this Princeton producer and quietly added him to their roster, looking for more com-tributions to their mandate of art and artifice.
As such, we were blessed just over 1 month ago with the GhostlyCast #41: Komputer Cast Ghostly Edition, the 5th in a series of Com Truise podcasts.

This is certainly a podcast that the likes of Arthur Baker, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan et al would all be proud of. You will to. More on Com Truise and Ghostly later this week. Until then, enjoy. Stream here or hit the little arrow to take it w/ you.

GhostlyCast #41: Com Truise -  Komputer Cast (Ghostly Edition) by ghostly


Com Truise - A DAT 1
Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees
Datassette - Can You Smell Maths
Com Truise - VHS Sex
Future World Orchestra - Don't Go Away
Oattes Van Schaik - Love Attaxx
Walter Christian Rothe - Verena
Laszlo Bencker - Robot Couture (d)
Gregor F. Narholz - Start Again (d)
Com Truise - Air Cal
Com Truise - Klymaxx
The Samps - Where You From
VHS Head - The Violent Breed
Airliner - On Day Street
Joy Division - From Safety To Where
Lone - Petrcane Beach Track
A. Hobson - 2010
Com Truise - Komputer Sign Out

Be sure to peep Com Truise's previous Komputer Casts for more goodies. They're all sick.


Say wrd.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Virtual Boy: Symphony No. N0ne [DWNLD]

Here we go again.

The virtual tidal wave of talent coming from SoCal is once again crashing on our shores. Coming from the halls of The Airliner in downtown LA, Virtual Boy is an LA duo of classically trained musicians who are also grads of the infamous Low End Theory school of Deep Bass Studies.
Presenting their digi dissertation: Symphony No. N0ne

On the lower end of the tempo scale, Virtual Boy creates a 4 track interstellar score that would make Stanley Kubrick proud. As the release reads:
Virtual Boy blasts off into the far reaches of outer space with Symphony No. None, a majestic musical saga set in a vivid cosmos of crystallized synths, soaring orchestration and rib-popping basslines that never hold back.


Symphony No. N0ne

1. Thrust
2. Breach of the Descendants
3. The Future Holds a Beat
4. Mass

Due out Feb 1 2011 via Alpha Pup, Symphony No. N0ne will be available in most reputable digital outlets.

And here's something to take along. Almost 1300 downloads in 5 days. Get down.

Virtual Boy: Mass by ALPHA PUP


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jon Wayne: Blood Hungry Brothers [VIDEO]

Something from Jon Wayne aka Jawn Wayniac. He released that Doodles record in the fall of 2010, and is seemingly taking that momentum into the new year with what has rumored to be a new record from a yet to be confirmed LA label. But today (mere mins ago in fact) new visuals by Brainfeeder's Dr Strangeloop were posted featuring a track off the Doodles LP: Blood Hungry Brothers.


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Groundislava: Book Of Tech [DWNLD]

Many will agree that Cali practices beat science with a religious zeal. Most are found in basements praying @ their production pulpits, brandishing beat bibles, engaging in musical mass with fellow producing parishioners, listening to symphonious sermons from deacons of digital and archbishops of analog.
So it's no surprise to see these 'churchgoers' worshiping to great pastoral aspirations, hoping to one day lead their own congregation. Enter Groudislava.
Young Cali cat from the Wedidit Collective that has brought us Shlohmo, Jon Wayne and Elan to name a few, has released an EP Book Of Tech, as he adds the finishing touches to this full length due in April from the good ppl @ Friends Of Friends.

Groudislava's Book Of Tech is a journey down the pixelated world of 8bit, but with more fidelity and resolution than most out there. Whilst some may lead you to believe you're in fact playing a recorded session of Commodore 64 games, this is much more musical than that. The low bit rate is present, along with synth accompaniments and even vocals in some cases. Dope.

Ground Is Lava || Creeper Shit || download [via XLR8R]

You can scoop the whole Book Of Tech EP @ the Wedidit site.


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Friday, January 14, 2011

92BPM Presents: SAMIYAM + TEEBS + MYMANHENRI FEB 03 @ The Drake Hotel

Consider this the start of the KALEIDOSCOPE events. This will be more than music, but we will start it w/ a very musical evening in the city's best venue.

On behalf of 92BPM, It's my pleasure to announce the following event:

Be prepared for a special night.

Feb 03rd, we are hosting Ann Arbor's SAMIYAM's returns to Toronto after a smashing debut last March in a show @ The Drake Underground, bringing that brand of beat science that made him a Red Bull Music Academy alumni from the 2007 class. Having released records on both HyperDub and Brainfeeder, SAMIYAM will be back in Toronto with his SP-404, playing all new material his LP due out later this year on Brainfeeder.

But also appearing for the 1st time @ The Drake Underground is the NY born, Cali raised TEEBS. An artist in the truest sense of the term, TEEBS has split his time b/w creating beautiful canvases and quite possibly producing the associated soundtrack. Again, his talents as a producer and a visual artists also landed him in the halls of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008 in Barcelona. Upon his return, he found himself releasing music from Svetlana Industries, All City Records, but the masterpiece was his Brainfeeder release called ARDOUR which was given a brilliant 8/10 from Pitchfork and was described in part as follows:

"... Maybe the best way I can think of to describe that tone is one of disorienting joy: It's wispy and gentle and a bit cheerful on the surface, but giving [ARDOUR] a deep listen will bring forth some of the more complex and abrasive elements to the forefront. This music can be flat-out beautiful while still giving your head a jostle..." - Pitchfork's Nate Patrin

Rounding out the the lineup for the night will be Toronto's mymanhenri who has single handedly championed this new and genre defying beat science / electronic scene locally by 1st starting with the penmanship of his his blog, ( but then via live curation of shows in Toronto. This enabled him to play with the likes of Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Take, Falty DL, Hudson Mohawke, Onra & Floating Points among many others. This night will be a continuance of his KALEIDOSCOPE vision which is one where the music, visual art and film all collide for a singular & idiosyncratic experience.

TEEBS' romantic soundtrack coupled with SAMIYAM's brand of boom bap will undoubtedly showcase some of Brainfeeder's best. Add to that mymanhenri's experimentation in beat science, the afore mentioned will be the musical score for the Thursday Feb 03rd evening, taking place in the city's best venue @ The Drake Underground, for a true KALEIDOSCOPE experience.

SAMIYAM (Brainfeeder, LA) TEEBS (Brainfeeder, My Hollow Drum, LA)
w/ mymanhenri (92BPM, Kaleidoscope, Toronto)
Thursday Feb 03 2011 @ The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
$10 Adv, Tickets on sale Jan 19th @ The Drake + Slinky/Moog

You can RSVP on Facebook here.

** JAN 17th UPDATE **

And to set it off correctly, let's take in a mix TEEBS did for XLR8R.

TEEBS Mix || XLR8R Podcast || download

See you in a few weeks.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma Alts & Outakes

This can only be described as sorcery. In part act of benignity, and other black magic, Flying Lotus had prophesied something big was coming.

hey remember that gift i was telling you about... Well.. Tomorrow is the dAY MY FRIENDSless than a minute ago via web

Well, come it did. Flying Lotus recompensed the owners of the Cosmogramma CD with a folder of freebies. How to get it??
By accessing his page and using this app called Trigger. Essentially, by allowing your computer to take a shot of the CD, it would decipher the embedded scripts and out of nowhere, a download would start.

I found myself agape and stunned, looking around wondering what had just happened - outside of what looked like pure witchery.

In this folder was selected outtakes and alt versions of songs as they were worked on, and reworked for this classic Cosmogramma record.

Almost feel like listing such tracks would somehow be interpreted as blasphemy, and contravene the wishes of a High Priest somewhere, so I'll let you cats do the work. But man... this was a nutty experience.

If you still haven't picked up Cosmogramma, now's never been a better time. I'm off to put on my habit.


Say wrd.


Jose James: Vicadin (prod By Flying Lotus)

Making the rounds has been this Flying Lotus produced Vicadin from Jose James. Steve has a way with the haunting riddims, which is why I forever rate his work w/ Gonjasufi. The sh*t simply bangs. I might have read somewhere that Jose's next record might be less jazz influenced... was I dreaming?? This is @ time where Steve and Brainfeeder or going in opposite direction. Interesting. Missed him the last time he came through, but looking fwd to this new record.

Bien fait NJS.

VICADIN by josejamesworldwide

Oh yea, you can recite this one word for word and read the lyrics if you choose to. Fresh.


Say wrd.


Kotchy: Sometimes I Get Down (Mike Slott Rmx) [DWNLD]

A soon to be released LP Two by Brookynite producer Kotchy gets a remarkable rework by the former Washington Heights resident and now also Brooklyn burgher Mike Slott.

Far from the assertion of that I'm versed in Mike Slott's entire catalog, but this comes as a pleasant surprise hearing the majesty of melody work his magic into a rarely heard 140 rhythm from this Herald Of Change.

Look for Two from Kotchy to drop Feb 1.

Kotchy || Sometimes I Get Down (Mike Slott Rmx) || download [via XLR8R]


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kidkanevil: Freebeatsnbleeps [DWNLD]

Possibly one of the busiest cats around. Seems like Kidkanevil either has a release, is on tour (like the recent JPN dates) or is coming from a recording. Nuts. So it comes w/ no surprise that another release seemingly made it's way to the top of he blogosphere. Nice.

Freebeatsnbleeps is a 6 piece EP which features some works from remixes to a track w/ fellow Red Bull Music Academy grad Oddisee.

Quick and painless. Just go grab it. Click.


Say wrd.


Daedelus: We All Have Magical Properties [DWNLD]

Daedelus is such a dignitary. Really enjoy watching his sets live, and the music goes w/o saying. Awesome. His last EP for Brainfeeder was one played incessantly, and some might recall some key tracks running in my sets, as well as the All City release.
Nonetheless, we're spoiled by a recent mix from this seer who wields his Magical Properties, courtesy of teh good ppl @ International Tapes.

The Tracklisting is as follows:

01 James Pants – Seven Seals Theme
02 Siouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound
03 Machinedrum – Nastyfuckk
04 Toro Y Moi – You Hid
05 Robot Koch – Threats
06 Ad Bourke – One For Me
07 Stagga – Timewarp
08 Teebs – Anchor Steam
09 Dj Rashad – Who Da Coldest
10 Rudi Zygadio – Filthy Logic
11 Jon Wayne – Tears pt. 2
12 Mustard Pimp – Pigeon Flu
13 Stagga – Genik Ridim
14 Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends
15 Animal Collective – Loch Raven
16 Trolley Snatcha – Circle K
17 Bjork – Joga (Strings& Vocal mix)
18 Drake – Fancy
19 AC Slater – Calm Down
20 The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
21 LDFD – Outta Control
22 Lorn – Army of Fear
23 Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
24 NastyNasty – The Reef
25 Captain Hands – Spell on U

Daedelus || We All Have Magical Properties || download [via International Tapes]


Say wrd.


Letherette Cassette: BTS Radio [DWNLD]

Say wrd. Letherette is back with a banger of a mix.

After the release of their EP1, the Ho_Tep signed, UK producers have returned to the scene of the crime, on BTS Radio with another mix.

Trackisting as follows:

Ramona Brooks - I Dont Want You Back
Dust To Dust - Cloud One
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
Donna Summer - (If It) Hurts Just A Little
Thyme - Universal Robot Band
Letherette - Million Gets
Djavan - Nerec
Rene and Angela - I'll Be Good
Letherette - No Point
Chicago - Street Player
Ocho - Se Me Fue La Montuna
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo
Letherette - I Work In DT
Letherette - Hits
Letherette - Star
Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You
Kenny Dope - I Wanna Know
J Dilla - Don't Say A Word
Letherette - Hornty
Madlib - Dillalade Ride (Contact High)
Black Milk - So Gone
Letherette - Krisstalise

BTS Radio || Letherette Cassette || download


Say wrd.


Nosaj Thing: Us (Jon Hopkins rmx) [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

One of the many great rmxs featured on the Nosaj Thing remixes EP has a great video...

... is also now available as a free download for all to enjoy.

Nosaj Thing: Us (Jon Hopkins Remix) by ALPHA PUP

Such melancholy in the end... amazing. You know, hit the little arrow, and enjoy.

Say wrd


Cornelia: By The Fire b/w Now And Hereafter

A few years back, when going through the list of students @ the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, I came across some familiar and some new to me. That's the greatest part. Of the unknown was a certain Cornelia. But as you know, you bookmark then come back later.
This songstress from Stockholm credited her beginnings to being 'bored out of her tits' (say wrd) and walking the country side writing songs in her head, refusing to being subjected to playing w/ dolls and chasing boy bands. She then translated that into choir which enabled her to also master harmony.
FFWD to end 2010, I noticed the release of her single By The Fire b/w Now And Hereafter which caught my eye as it featured remixes from two other recent RBMA grads: TOKiMONSTA and Daisuke Tanabe.

After conversations that started simply as a request for tracks for a mixtape she was doing w/ partner DJ Mooken, this then lead to submissions, and now released remixes. Gotta love it.

Now and Hereafter (Daisuke Tanabe Remix) by cornelia

Now and Hereafter (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by cornelia

I've said this before, the Red Bull Music Academy network leads to beautiful things, let alone the discovery of beautiful music but great musicians as well. You can grab Cornelia's single on iTunes now. You can listen to the rest of Cornelia's single and other recordings on her Soundcloud page.
Shout to Cornelia for YOUR PATIENCE! Yo, shouts to DJ Mooken. Stand up dude. Major.


Say wrd.


The Glitch Mob Remixes: Fundraiser For Haiti

One day away from the 1 year anniversary of one of the modern world's greatest catastrophe. Still, 1 year later seemingly nothing has been resolved, but there are ppl on the ground in Port Au Prince working hard, and others doing what they can. Enter The Glitch Mob.
As I reported weeks back to some emotional elation, The California triumvirate was moved by the devastation and answered and inner call to do more...
The sales from the Drink The Sea Remixes v1 & v2 will go towards the rebuilding efforts in Haiti and will be available to purchase Jan 12th 2011 (tomorrow) @

Featured on the remixes are some of our best friends: Jogger, Kastle, EPROM, R/D, Salva, ESKMO, Mindelixir, St. Andrew, King Britt, Chris De Luca, Skeet Skeet, Pawn as well as Mr. Projectile, Camo UFOs, Virtual Boy, DJ Vadim, Mirko Kosmos, Nalepa, SPL, Comma, Deru, Beats Antique, Machinedrum, Them Jeans & Adam.01. Amazing.

Between Two Dreams (Machinedrum Convergence) || The Glitch Mob

Again, is where you can scoop your pick/all of the tracks from the Drink The Sea Remixes v1 & v2, available Jan 12th.

Enjoy, and show love.

Say wrd.



Cosmopolyphonic Radio: December 2010 [DWNLD]

The last edition of 2010. One I wanted to post, but you know - the holidays. Anyhow, always quality programming here for the beat fanatics, w/ no doubt. You can listen here or download it @ will.


Say wrd.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Kutmah: The New Error v1

After a 2010 that saw him relocate from Golden State of California to his native UK, Kutmah wasted no time in reestablishing his footing in his new home and essentially picking up where he left off. He was soon out and about again, playing his brand of Delphic sounds.

To start 2011, Kutmah readies a mixtape release, due out jan 19th entitled The New Error vol 1.

3-minute sampler from the upcoming first edition of a three-volume mix cd series to be released in 2011, coinciding with Justin "KUTMAH" McNulty's "Two Soups And A Honeybun" global gallery touring art show.

"THE NEW ERROR" Volume 1 is a nine-part mix, containing 23 unreleased beats by MF DOOM, MADLIB, DIBIA$E, FLYING LOTUS, CRIMEKILLZ, OM UNIT, MAINFRAME, THE GASLAMP KILLER, ACTRESS, RUCKAZOID & more, plus an original production by KUTMAH featuring JON WAYNE, as well as two dozen additional tracks including MR. OIZO, LAZER SWORD, MOBB DEEP, J-DILLA, PORTISHEAD, APHEX TWIN, GANGSTARR and GOODIE MOB.

Total running time: 1 hour, 15 min - Kutmah

If you've ever heard some of Kutmah's work, you know this mix will be money. Once again, it's available Jan 19th 2011, and you can cop it here.

KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 1 (sampler) by HIT+RUN


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