Thursday, September 30, 2010


Take mentioned to me he was working on a rmx record that has now swollen right up to a double LP of rmxs. Dayum.
The 1st peak at the record was made available via (ahem) my curated All City podcast w/ Begin End Begin. However, the 1st official leak is out and the rmx is courtesy of Brainfeeder's Duchess of Digital TOKiMONSTA.
She takes what might be one of the more challenging riddims as she realigns what was an idiosyncratic and almost eccentric song w/ a surreal time signature:

TAKE - "Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix)" by INCHES

Take's Double Remix CD should be out in Nov.



Low End Theory Curates Eagle Rock Festival Stage

Low End Theory was asked to curate a stage @ the Eagle Rock Music festival, and world famous weekly did not disappoint. The all ages festival will feature what looks like the 1992 Dream Team w/o the tight shorts:

4:00 Jonwayne
4:25 Teebs
4:50 Mono/Poly
5:15 matthewdavid
5:40 Take
6:30 Free the Robots
6:55 Dibiase
7:20 Ras G
7:45 Nocando
8:00 D-Styles
8:25 Daddy Kev
8:50 Nobody
9:15 Gaslamp Killer
9:40 Nosaj Thing

All this for $5? wow.

Will you even need to move from your spot even once?? Wow. This will only ad to the heat that has been burning up the streets of SoCal this past week, and now this.

Los Angeles. Los Angelous. Los Anjealous. Lost And Jealous!

Have fun.


Gaslamp Killer & Daedelus Got That Impulse

As part of the merch for the upcoming tour, the co-headliners Daedelus and Gaslamp Killer have teamed to create a tour exclusive 7" Impulse which will feature a rmx by tour support Free The Robots on the flip.

keep your eyes peeled.


ONRA [LIVE] @ Drake Hotel w/ mymanhenri Oct 10 2010, Toronto CANADA [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

This has been such a longtime coming, and I'm pleased to OFFICIALLY confirm the leak that made it's way out a few weeks back...

Anyhow, it goes a little something like this:

Doing a live PA w/ his 2 trusty MPCs, Onra will be rebuilding his critically acclaimed LP Long Distance, w/ the help of Buddy Sativa who will be tickling the ivory bringing those pretty chords.

Live From Paris, FRA.

ONRA (All City, Paris)
w/ mymanhenri & Andy Capp
SUNDAT OCT 10th 2010
9.30p-3a $10
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
The Facebook event page is here for RSVP

For an idea of what to expect from this smooth oper8tor, here's a clip from a recent EU show.

And for those still unfamiliar w/ his music, here's a set from his release party, Live in hometown Paris.

As well....

The Long Distance LP is available @ Slinky on Queen W (for those in Toronto), and it features the following track:

Onra || High Hopes ft Reggie B. || download (Courtesy Of Pitchfork)

Shouts to Red Bull Canada, RBMA, ADP @ The Drake, Andy & Peter Ag.

See You Oct 10th.

say wrd.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All City Presents: KALEIDOSCOPIC by mymanhenri [DWNLD]

So, this is my recent mix. Just a few days old. To be honest, I have this love hate relationship w/ these. Love the music. Hate to arrange it. Love it when it comes together well. Hate that I have to listen to it over and over again to realize after I should have done something different. Love the fact that ppl have sent over newness. Hate the fact that I forgot to include others on it. Love the fact that I can rant about this. Hate the fact that I AM ranting about this.
Hate the fact that when I make these, I', always thinking of what my neighbors are thinking right now - I live in a condo... ha.
At the end of the day, I'm happy about this mix for the fact that it was requested by a boutique label a greatly admire, All City, and that it reflects the enthusiasm in music that I've always had: metal, hip hop, electronic and all in between. I was going to call this potentially, MPCs n Beatbreaks v2, as it was going to be a long overdue follow up to v1 (which is still available to my surprise), but I chose otherwise. Kaleidoscopic was more apt for so many reasons, many of which will come to light soon. Anyhow, enough of the soliloquy. Here's a run down of the track listing...


#1. k - Metallica: Massive Metallica fan that I am (old Metallca that is), I've always loved their 6 string breaks, intros and melodies whether it be classical or electric axe - and they havea bunch of 'em. Just wanted to throw that one in for kicks...

#2. Begin End Begin - Take. TaKe sent me this one when he got wind that I was doing this podcast. This is a track from his forthcoming Only Mountains rmx record coming out on Alpha Pup later this fall. Double disc of goodies. Always loved his mature sound.

#3. YESterday - RLP. Man, what can I say, RLP sent me this some time ago and just came out on his amazing WORKS LP (that I have YET to review - my bad). But this is a banger. Always loved it, and those who've been to my 92 nights will have heard this in the past. WORKS is out now.

#4. Bubbling Hot - Leonard Dstroy. Man, dude and I have been in touch for a min. But this Higher Vibrations record he came out was just bananas (and was a free download). Bangers. Word is he might start to work w/ Alex B...

#5. Nothing is Always Something - Alex B .... And speaking for Alex B., his LP Moments will rank as one of my faves this year, no matter what else drops. This joint was just one of many stellar joints on this record. Good seeing you in Seattle this past weekend dude. #allday.

#6. Meloportation - Ultragamma I was flipping when I 1st heard this from my mellow my man Ultragamma. Holla'd and told him I had to have it. Ha. Shot it to me in an email. Love this joint. #TUFF GANG.

#7. Gooddnight - Elaquent. Eq is another dude who's banging em out. Great material. His 1st official full length, Persona is out in stores now, but this is a recently completed unreleased joint he sent me. Good look.

#8. Black Crayon - Ana Caravelle. This is a break that I spotted in this track by the Non Project's songtsress. There's a rmx LP coming out featuring edits from some noteworthies. Her Basic Climb EP is out now.

#9. Triceratopless - heRobust heRobust sent me this shortly after we got up. He had orignally sent me an email long ago that I overlooked (in box is craze some days), but we did connect, I was pretty blown away. Ask your boy Leonard Dstroy about that one... tight track.

#10. Dance Brace - Letherette. This is from their coming EP on Ho Tep, Alex's Nuts home. My original Letherette post has been getting tons of love. Had to throw this one on.

#11. Punta Skala - Don Leisiure. A joint that Darkhouse Family sent me recently. Again, their beat tape post gets top traffic and infact, I ran into this complete stranger in Seattle who told me he was feeling that one. Say wrd.

#12. Lady Linda (Devonwho edit) - Muxmool Pretty one indeed. A joint off that Muxmool rmx ep out on Ghostly right now. A Devonwho rmx to boot. Got love for both. In fact, got to see Muxmool rawk it out this weekend in Seattle. Dude got game. #allday. Had to miss Dev's set as the Airport was calling... next time man.

#13. L.I.A.B. - Onra. Banger. Period. BTW, Onra, live in Toronto Oct 10th, The Drake Hotel. done.

#14. Samolero - Sunclef. This is a funny story. I knew Sunclef's real name but always forgot his nom de plume. We actually met a few yrs back @ a mutual friend's bday. But I recently heard this joint and when I hit his soundcloud, I looked @ his image and was like...YO. That's xxxx! Anyhow, Suncleezy got some heat.

#15. Neighborhood Watch - Dibia$e. Forget about it. Machines Hate Me, bananas. For the cats that are on the hip hop side of town, this is for you #allday. This is a record YOU NEED in your life. Period. And again, got to break bread w/ Dibia$e this weekend. He killed it in Seattle. For all those in Chicago, look for him @ the Red Bull Big Tune National finals. He's not playing this yr.

#16. Still In Love (Blue Daisy Rmx) - Pollyn. One of my most prized purchases this yr. A solid 12"/track from Pollyn and moreover a magnificently unpolished rmx by the man who possesses melody and muscle. Don't adjust your iPod.

#17 Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard rmx) - Gonjasufi. From the rmx LP coming out in just about 1 week's time, this re-edit is courtesy of the genius of Pritch. What a tune... speechless.

#18. Double Fifths - Teebs. A song that I 1st heard on a Mary Anne Hobbs show, and just played incessantly. A track which is coming out of Teebs' alluring Ardour LP from Brainfeeder/Alpha Pup. Shouts to Teebs who rawked it @ The RBMA showcase this weekend in Seattle. Looking fwd to having him in town Oct 30th.

#19. Mi Viejo - Ratatat. This is among a gang of songs i loved off the LP3 album. Hope you do as well.

#20. Waters Of Duality - Mono Poly. Why more ppl aren't talking about this Paramatma LP is beyond me (and a few of my peers). Anyhow, dude has the gift of melody as well, and this is one of the many joints I loved off his album.

#21 xxxxxxxx xxxxxx - xxxx xxxxxx. Taking a page out of Kutmah's book here. This isn't out and is one of my fave tracks right now that will go unnamed. Next.

#22. The Things You Left - Flying Lotus. Something that poppped into my inbox a few months back. Been playing it out and just cleared whether or not I could include this one. Unreleased. Love it.

#23. Before We Talked - Gold Panda. I must thank Raj @ leep for putting me on to Gold Panda some time back. His new LP is out on Ghostly right now, and this is one of the many I was feeling off Lucky Shiner.

#24 Tinitus - Comfort Fit. Man, I need to do a feature on dude. His songs have oft made my sets live, and this track is no exception of late. This came from the Private Primate EP from the good ppl @ Error Broadcast.

#25. Sun - Caribou. Dan Snaith made a banger. Bananas. Period.

#26. Sun (break) - Caribou Taken from the stems, to take you out...

So here it is. Again, massive shouts to O. A free download (click the arrow).

All City Podcast - Kaleidoscopia w/ mymanhenri 92bpm by allcitydublin



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ana Caravelle: Non Projects Remixes [DWNLD] Los Angeles Release Party Oct 10th

Ana Caravelle's Basic Climb is out TODAY. The native Californian and 1st lady (double entendre) of boutique purveyors of Los Angeles avant-garde Non Projects, is releasing her 6 track composition to much acclaim.
But no sooner has that been announced that there is a full remix LP in the works. In fact, a few have made it to surface already and the contributors are known to 92.
The late fall remix LP should feature re-edits from some of the following:
Tim Hiorthøy, Asura, Take, Shigeto, Julia Holter, Dibiase, Dak, Anenon, Yuk & a.d.l.r.. Ana may submit one herself so I've been told. Sick.
In the interim, here are few to keep you warm until it drops...

Ana Caravelle || Blackberries (Asura remix) || hit the arrow to download.
Ana Caravelle - "Blackberries (Asura Remix)" by INCHES

Ana Caravelle || Shapeshifting (Anenon Just One Shape Remix) || download (via LA Times)"

.... And if you're in Los Angeles Oct 10th, make sure to make it out to her release party.



Friday, September 24, 2010

Jneiro Jarel Reunites w/ Kindreds Spirits: Fauna

Returning to where here released a his classic Three Piece Puzzle Jneiro Jarel reunites w/ Kindred Sprits to release a Brazilian riddim inspired oeuvre: Fauna.

A long time partisan of the Brazilian syncopated swing, Jneiro Jarel finds himself sinking deeper in his influences, superposition said structure and sound on top of his other love, that boom and bap.
None could be happier to the see these renewed vows to the sound, and to home where I 1st came to love Jneiro's music.
To celebrate Jneiro's return, Kindred Spirits are offering the lead single Amazonica in 7" format, along w/ a lim edition Fauna poster when you purchase either vinyl or CD of the album.

Vinyl pkg
CD pkg

Jneiro Jarel || Amazonica

Fauna should be in all fine record boutiques in late September 2010.

Say wrd.


Gaslamp Killer: The Death Gate Trailer [VIDEO]

In stores Oct 12 2010 on limited 10" and digital on Brainfeeder.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lazer Sword: 808 mix [DWNLD]

As we slowly draw near the November release date of their self titled LP, Lazer Sword readies their tour and releases a mix courtesy of the good ppl over @ International Tapes: 808.

Much of that bounce that has been signature in many of their bangers is omnipresent - just like it's always been w/ the 808, evident of the evening that they have in store for all their guests - newcomers like habitués. Besides, The 808 kick drum make the girlies get dumb. ;) Here's wishing for ladies getting dumb 'clapping' for fun @ these shows. ;)

Lazer Sword || 808 || download (courtesy of International Tapes.)


Rifflandia Festival: Subdivisions Presents GasLamp Killer & more...

Rifflandia Festival is going down this weekend. My ppls Longshanks and @ Subdivisions are curating three great nights. Nice job man.
If you're in Victoria or Vancouver BC this weekend, this is where you want to be. Period. It's there, Friday right through to Sunday.

Again, head out to Subdivisions for all deets.



Even More Gonja: Gonjasufi Remix Contest

Just hours ago, and announcement from Warp...

Gonjasufi: Remix Competition - calling all musicians - Remix Gonjasufi and win a signed one-of-a-kind screen print http://remix.sufisays.comless than a minute ago via twitterfeed

These are priceless opportunities. With the Oct 4th release of the his remix project, Gonjasufi and Warp are opening the doors to the talented. Experienced or not. Hit the link above and download the two acapellas, upload your final work and let the voting process begin. The contest closes Nov 1. The top ten will move on and the winner will be picked from there.
Who knows where this could lead. Carpe diem.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mountie Kimby Mix [DWNLD]

Mount Kimbie is on tour. Did you know?? Well... as they embark on their 1st North Am tour, the duo né Dominic Maker and Kai Campos will start it all off in Seattle for Decibel Festival, showcasing much of that big bootie in a tight red track suit bizness - to put it plainly.
And to boot Toronto, they're coming to town Sept 30th @ The Drake. RSVP @ the Facebook event page here. And you know this...
And to blast off the tour, we have a mix courtesy of XLR8R of the young twosome.

Mount Kimbie Mix || download (via XLR8R)



More Gonja: Gonjasufi remixed by Shlohmo

As we impatiently wait for Gonajsufi's rmx LP, we now have some more arousing audio, adding to the anticipation.
It all started with the streaming of a remix by wizard of Aus, Mark Pritchard and his absolutely astonishing Ancestors Dreamtime re-edit.
Now, we now have audio from the Change (Shlohmo rmx)

A delightfully doleful, haunting hymn whose melancholic melody and sedate swing subsequently blossoms into a romantic reprise, a seemingly somber serenade. A breathtaking rework.

This Change (Shlohmo rmx) will be part of the Gonajsufi rmx LP out Oct 4th on Warp.

Shlohmo: Shlomoshun Redux [DWNLD]

You gotta love it. Shlohmo's rise has been far from shlowmoshun. In this last 12 month span, we've seen 2 releases from last name Laufer, first name Henry, aka Shlomo - and that to much acclaim. Such so that the EU side of his distribution channel suggested the idea of combining the 2 EPs and creating one LP/full length to be made available in CD format: Shlomoshun Redux, coming out the Friends Of Friends camp. Nice.
So Sep 27/28 will mark the availability of the LP and should be out in all record shops of ill repute. That should include Slinky for all Toronto massive.

Tracklist will look as follows:

Shlomoshun Deluxe

1. Tomato Squeeze
2. 7am
3. Spoons
4. Post Atmosphere
5. Hot Boxing the Cockpit
6. Dead Pixel
7. Teeth
8. Antigravity
9. Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta Remix)
10. 7am (devonwho Remix)
11. Antigravity (Fulgeance Remix)
12. Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
13. Naps
14. Birthday Beat
15. Tomato Smash
16. Sippy Cup || download
17. Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix) || download
18. Spoons (Shigeto Remix)
19. Teeth (Asura Remix)



Monday, September 20, 2010

Flying Lotus: Pattern+Grid World


Yet another EP from Flying Lotus to round out the banner 2010 year. From having the whole world on edge by releasing one of the most anticipated records of the year w/ Cosmogramma, to then taking his act on the road and creating orchestral renditions of the record, more recently w/ Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Brainfeeder's Baron has been going non stop.

Enter Pattern+Gold World, the 6 track EP from California's commander.
Again, if you've been to the numerous tour dates across the globe, you've been teased with snippets of the record unknowingly, wondering why the Shazam app on your iPhone is returning no results. Tomorrow is the day. 6 tracks of goodness to hold you down.
With tracks like Pie Face, Camera Day (which got 55k plays in 30 days) and the frenetic climax that is Physics For Everyone!, this EP adds wonderfully to that swelling catalog from Flying Lotus (Seriously though).

Flying Lotus || Pie Face

Flying Lotus || Physics For Everyone!

Pattern+Grid World is out today/tomorrow. Toronto, make sure you hit up Slinky for your copy. Mention this post to get a pretty smile from staff... and a gift too. ;) Ask for Paul.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flying Lotus @ North Coast Music Fest [VIDEO]

Wow.. Clock is ticking 'Pattern+Grid World' is out next weeeekless than a minute ago via web

As we're reminded of the Pattern+Grid World EP release next week, spotted this well shot and edited Flying Lotus piece in Chicago's North Coast Festival. Shout to The Goodie Bag for the piece.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Yo Ras.... [DWNLD]

Go Nuts.


Mount Kimbie x mymanhenri x special guest, Sept 30th 2010.

Again, hot off the press. More deets coming. But it goes a little something like this... hit it...

The Faktory + D. Money + 92 bpm + The Drake Hotel present...

Mount Kimbie (UK, Hotflush)
w/ mymanhenri + special guest
Thursday, September 30 @ THE DRAKE UNDERGROUND
1150 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Facebook event page is here for RSVP.

This is going to be wild. More deets coming.


Hudson Mohawke x mymanhenri Oct 1 2010, Toronto.

It's all in the heading.

Hudmo is back in Toronto. Just like that. Deets are just like this:

with Filthy Gorgeous & mymanhenri
Friday, October 1, 2010 - The Mod Club

Facebook page is here for RSVP.

Ok. More to come... soon.


Doodling With Jon Wayne [DWNLD]

Who knew? I used to listen to this grimmy record I had from Jon Wayne and respected dude as an MC all day. Met this La Habra, California born cat through Devonwho if i'm not mistaken as Dev had blessed him w/ a beat for a past record. But as he hit me a few weeks ago, he let me know that he had been busy banging away @ the beats. In fact, we are just days past his Low End Theory concerto.

So he'll be carrying his 1st beat CD @ his shows, Doodles, and will also be selling online.

Jon Wayne || Infinite || Doodles
Infinite by jonwayne

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you check for this comp @ his shows.

Say wrd.


Lone Gets Back To Werk: New 12" Coming

Man, I giggle like a little girl when I saw this in my inbox (shouts to all the little girls out there). Just like I giggle when I 1st bought his music.
This October, we're going to be treated to another rapturous single from Lone and the good ppl @ WerkDiscs.

Once In A While b/w Raptured

Some of you who grabbed the Kode 9 DJ Kicks comp will have heard this as the lead off track was this very Lone single. And a classic Lone track it is. Enter his vintage melodies and chords, and to boot, some steel pans?? Maybe i'll hear this during Caribana next yr and chop me a nice Trini. LOL. Regardless, this will be a 12" to keep your eyes and ears on. And it's coming out for all of us to enjoy now. FINALLY. Mark your calendar, Oct 25th will be date.

Lone || Once In A While || WerkDiscs

Lone || Raptured || WerkDiscs



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gold Panda Gleams w/ Lucky Shiner [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

I will admit being late merging on the Gold Panda freeway, showing up around the Quitter's Raga onramp. I then pickuped the You EP which came out earlier this on Ghostly International, which I loved.
We are now treated to a new recording, a full LP this time, Lucky Shiner.

What brought me to Gold Panda's earlier recordings, still remains - bangers. Though this go @ it, he insisted in creating and writing more full songs, tracks with more structures and less banging breaks. Even better. Lucky Shiner's crackling beats and electronics still take center stage, and it's new found swings in cadence and tempo will still keep all listeners locked. Nothing lucky about that.

Gold Panda || Sam Dream China || download

Gold Panda || You || download

Gold Panda || Snow And Taxis || download

Lucky Shiner is out now digitally and physically October 18th on Ghostly International. You can also stream the whole LP @



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Ardor For Teebs' Ardour [DWNLD]

I've expressed my excitement for Ardour previously, but I'll retell it: I can't wait. Anyone who has seen Teebs' art will soon realize that the audio from Ardour LP sounds as an accompaniment to the art he so adroitly pieces together into a wonderful collage.

This Brainfeeder balladeer has produced a chef-d'œuvre that is more Four Tet and Matthewdavid than Ras G or Samiyam, creating more ambient auras than thumping beats. And some of you know I love that sound.

October 18th, Teebs' Ardour drops worldwide via the good ppl @ Alpha Pup. None will be disappointed.

Teebs || Arthur's Birds || Download (Via LA Times)

Teebs || Why Like This || download (via Fact Mag)

Teebs || My Whole Life



Lazer Sword Is Razor Sharp [DWNLD]

Low Limit and Lando Kal are Lazer Sword. It took me a min to make that connection some time back. They're also putting out some pretty impressive riddims. As with many in this beat space, I'm still uncertain how I came across dudes, but I have been keeping some tabs on the cats as I've found they've made simply certified bangers every time. That Golden Handshake EP was pretty sick and we're now in cue for the awaited self titled LP, Laser Sword.

I've not come across too many who have been able to create jovial and amusing ambiance within this community of producers, but this record once again demonstrates their dominance of digital, with dramatic and thrilling refrains as well as their flair and forte for that all so famed bounce, making this record extremely friendly for all to feast on. This self titled LP from Los Angeles label Innovative Leisure might be the one to make this Lazer Sword duo ubiquitous. I def hope so.

The lead single will be Batman b/w I'm Gone ft Turf Talk, which is available now and will feature rmxs Low Limit and Lando Kal themselves as well as contributions from Nguzunguzu and Warp's Rustie.

Lazer Sword || Batman || download (courtesy of The Fader)

And from the LP...

Lazer Sword || Tar

Lazer Sword is out Nov 2nd worldwide on Innovative Leisure.

Can't wait. BTW, top notch artwork!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dibiase Cracks Skulls w/ Skullcrack [VIDEO]

In case you didn't know, Dibiase's got that crack, Skullcrack that is.




Fulgeance: The Glamoure EP [DWNLD]

Fulgeance has led a bit of a glamourous life. Between performing worldwide as Fulgeance, or his cleaner cut Peter Digital Orchestra alias, he's kep the dance floor going w/ his patented low club marca registrada.
Using his trusty MPC 2000 XL (yep, and he TRAVELS w/ it too), he deftly chops up samples and recreates it all in a club friendly tempo for all to get down with. Enter The Glamoure EP.

He once again brings us chops of his fave sounds, slicing up old school electro with that swing, deftly recreating that dance floor love in more leisurely tempos. Love it. In fact, whilst going through this EP, I couldn't help but recalling one of these riddim, then it all came back....

Fulgeance posted this sometime back as a dry run of what was to become the Glamoure EP's title track. Love it. The EP will feature 4 original tracks to bounce to as well 3 remixes by Kelpe, Gablé and Huess. Love it.

Fulgeance || Glamoure || Glamoure EP || download (via XLR8R)

Love! In fact, you can't even spell Gl-amour-e with out it. ;)

The Glamoure EP is out in Oct. Stay tuned.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Afta1: Love Is Real v5 [VIDEO]

Can't wait. Afta1 has aptness for setting an amorous ambience. The rare occasion you'll be able to pop in beats for you... and your girl. Kinda like, having your cake and eating it too [pause].

October it is.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Daedelus & Teebs Do All City's LA#6 [DWNLD]

6th in line of the All City Records 10 x 10 covering the finest in that LA beat bizness, we are presented another split 10" Teebs and Daedelus.

This release will for all intents and purposes, unite one of the vanguards of this movement Daedelus, with one of it's youngest stars in this musical art space, Teebs. The product is another solid release from All City as they begin the countdown to the final four releases for this tour de force.

Here's a freebie for all:

Daedelus || Fates Say || Download (Right Click)

All City Records' LA Series 6 is out now.



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letherette: Ho_Tep EP1 On It's Way [DWNLD]

Some of the best news just arrived from Wolverhampton, UK: a Letherette EP is on it's way. Say wrd. After banging away @ what has become a quasi mythical mix by BTS Radio, we will be treated to a full 8 track EP in October from the duo, by way of Alexander Nut's Ho_Tep imprint.

Letherette consists of two producers and old school friends Andy Harbor and Richard Roberts. The Wolverhampton based duo were recently featured on Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric compilation after an other track In July Focus began doing the rounds with tastemakers globally.
For those unfamiliar, prepare thyself for ditties full of swing, soul and synths with the periodic stabs adding to the mix. This Letherette is simply smooth.

Letherette || Dance Brace || EP1

Letherette || Cheeryade || EP1

Letherette || In July Focus || EP1

And to set the tone, here are a few goodies:

The Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric track as it was featured on the compilation.

Letherette || Blad || Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric || download (via XLR8R)

The afore mentioned BTS Radio mix. Shouts to Andrew Meza.

As well, found a mix from Percussion Lab that you call all pull down as well.

Letherette || Brown Lounge Vol 2 Mix ||download (via Percussion Lab)



New Daedalus Video by Dr. Stangeloop [VIDEO]

In time for his announcement of a new tour, Daedelus has released a new video, directed by Flying Lotus' very good friend and Brainfeeder baron Dr Stangeloop.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finest Ego: Japanese Beat Compilation [DWNLD]

Maybe 1-2 yrs ago, I was going back and forth with a few cats in Japan as I had some interest in doing a Japanese profile of producers. Well, as usual I got caught up by [insert of one hundreds of possibilities here] and never got around to it. Le sigh.
Thank the lord for Project Mooncircle. They have just release a fantastic comp from Japanese players entitled: Finest Ego - Japanese Beatmaker Compilation

They simply showcase some of the rising stars of the Japanese beat scene and their works. You get to hear much of the western influences they cherish, w/ a twist of their own take on riddims.
And to boot, this had a 5 day window for a free download as of last friday Sept 3rd. TODAY might be the last day. so go nuts!

As of today Sept 8th, the download period has been extended for another few days. Have fun.

<a href="">Samurai Assassin by Project: Mooncircle</a>

Ok. Gotta run! PCE!

Shouts to Lambent for this. Say wrd.


Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v17 [DWNLD]

"Never on schedule, but always on time" - Nas

Months past due, we are treating to the latest edition of the world famous Low End Theory podcast, Live from Los Angeles California. Can't be mad @ Alpha Pup. With such a heaping plate full of work, the last thing you want to worry about is a podcast. But we on the other side have longed for a new episode. We got that, and more...

Doyen Daddy Kev connects w/ Baths for volume 17 of the renowned recording. But in a Low End first, we are offered a tracklist. Wow.

Anyhow, enough. Enjoy.

Low End Theory Podcast v17 || Daddy Kev & Baths || Download


Daddy Kev (mix)
00:00 Take "Horizontal Figuration [Tokimonsta Remix]" (Alpha Pup)
01:57 Lazer Sword "Web Swag" (unreleased)
03:42 EPROM "Psycho" (unreleased)
05:04 Blackpocket "Ur A Sta [DBridge Remix Instrumental]" (Fat City)
05:50 JBSL "The Flu [Dorian Concept Remix]" (Affine)
06:28 Onra "The One [Another Waajeed Remix]" (All City)
08:01 Dibiase "Neighborhood Watch" (Alpha Pup)
09:08 Fulgeance "London Falling" (Alpha Pup)
11:15 Robot Koch "Water and Solutions" (Mooncircle)
13:20 Electric Wire Hustle "Longtime [Instrumental]" (BBE)
14:59 Quincy Jones "Seldom Seen Sam" (Atlantic)
15:31 Teebs "Arthur's Birds" (Brainfeeder)
18:20 Shadow Attack "They Gunna Get Me" (unreleased)
21:51 Oneohtrix Point Never "Nil Admirari" (Editions Mego)
22:38 Robot Koch "Devil Drums [Alex B Remix]" (FoF Music)
24:20 Virtual Boy "Mass" (Alpha Pup)

Baths (mix)
30:24 Baths "You're My Excuse to Travel [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)
32:23 Baths "Damnation" (unreleased)
34:46 Fol Chen "In Ruins [Baths Remix]" (Asthmatic Kitty)
36:10 Baths "Untitled" (unreleased)
37:47 Baths "Plea" (Anticon)
39:44 Baths "Plea / ♥ [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)
41:30 Baths "Lovely Bloodflow" (Anticon)
44:02 Baths "Hall [Baths Redux]" (Anticon/unreleased)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Nosaj Thing November Tour Announced: Western Dates

Debuting his visual show that has been, until now in working beta, Alpha Pup's Nosaj Thing will be joined by fellow Pac players Jogger as well as Eastern enigmatic eminent Toro Y Moi.

Something you'll want to see for sure in light that this has been in the works for more than a min. As well, I suspect that Nosaj Thing will be possibly introducing music from his new rmx EP/LP that's due sometime this fall.

Date are as follows:

Nov 10 - La Jolla @ The Loft
Nov 11 - Los Angeles @ El Rey Theatre
Nov 12 - San Francisco @ Rickshaw Stop
Nov 13 - Eureka @ The Red Fox Tavern
Nov 15 - Portland @ The Holocene
Nov 16 - Seattle @ Neumos
Nov 17 - Vancouver @ The Biltmore Cabaret
Nov 19 - Salt lake City @ The Urban Lounge


Presenting Illum Sphere Sept 9th, Toronto

Still trying to recall how Illum Sphere and I got up. Might have been via the Producer series from Fat City?? Still can't recall. Regardless, he's been putting in very impressive work in his part of the world. holding down a night in Manchester called Hoya Hoya, where the who's who of this lovely scene have passed through.
He's had releases w/ Fat City, Martyn's 3024 and as it appears, will be releasing music under the Hoya Hoya umbrella. Ha. Makes total sense.
This week, Toronto welcomes this Red Bull Music Academy grad as he makes his way down to the Drake Hotel for the quasi-Brit invasion w/ Slugabed & Blue Daisy.

The Drake Hotel, mymanhenri + Kaleidoscope AV present:

Slugabed, Illum Sphere, Blue Daisy
Hosted by mymanhenri.
Thursday September 9th 2010
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West.
$10_4am last call.
RSVP on Facebook™ event page here.

And to set the pace, here's a mix he did for BTS Radio.

Illum Sphere || BTS Radio Guest Mix || Download

See you this week.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

What A Night.


Thank you Union Events, Flying Lotus, Ultragamma, Moog and RedBull Canada. Good Look AP for the shot.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Presenting Slugabed Sept 9th, Toronto [DWNLD]

I came across Slugabed sometime ago through myspace and I recall his early bangers like motherfuckeeeeer and clunk clunk. Then I recall buying this BD1982 Space Boots single that he set ablaze w/ a rmx. BANANAs.
So it's my pleasure to have him come to Toronto next week as he makes his way down to the Drake Hotel for the quasi-Brit invasion w/ Illum Sphere & Blue Daisy.

So with that, the deets are as follows...

The Drake Hotel, mymanhenri + Kaleidoscope AV present:

Slugabed, Illum Sphere, Blue Daisy
Hosted by mymanhenri.
Thursday September 9th 2010
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West.
$10_4am last call.
RSVP on Facebook™ event page here.

And pls help yourself to a Slugabed mix he did a min ago.

Slugabed || Electronic Explorations Mix || Download

And as a kicker, Slugabed just through up some freebies on his Soundcloud page.

Enjoy and see you next week.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble & Flying Lotus: Live in LA [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

So weeks back, I recall watching a youtube of a soundcheck that had Miguel Atwood Ferguson and his Ensemble, as well as Flying Lotus tinkering away. Nothing really exciting, but I always wondered how the night actually concluded. Well, below lies the answer.

And outstanding orchestral execution of a Cosmogramma FLylo gem as well as a Dilla classic. + The way this was shot, me thinks a DVD is likely in the works. And the best part?? This live clip is available as a crystal clear download.

Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble feat. Flying Lotus || Drips/Take Notice || Download
<a href="">Drips/Take Notice by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson</a>



Love To:Love: Ahu Debut Single + Video [DWNLD] [VIDEO]


The venerated Ahu is releasing her single through the good ppl @ One Handed Music. On the boards, we have Paul White and a heretic harpsichord remix has been provided by none other than the audio-syncratic Dimlite.

Ahu || To:Love (prod. by Paul White) || Download

Ahu || To:Love (Dimlite rmx)
<a href="">To: Love. (Dimlite Remix) by Ahu</a>



More Props: Magical Properties Fall 2010 Tour Announced

And so it is. After a successful 2010 Winter Tour which featured Noasj Thing, Jogger and Magical Properties proprietor himself Daedelus, we are now being regaled with the announcement of the Fall 2010 tour, more massive, more momentous, much more magical.

Headlining will be The Gaslamp Killer & the eminent Daedelus of Magical Properties repute.

Along for the ride this time and completing this lovely lineup are LA's own Samiyam, Teebs, Free The Robots & 12th Planet.

Check your local listings as some of the dates all the dates and venues have been announced

Sept 9th Update:

This is the OFFICIAL and final revision of the tour dates. As well, look closely as dates have been added + not all acts will be @ all shows. Pls refer to the list below.

10/14- Voyeur, San Diego, CA w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/15- 103 Harriet, San Francisco, CA w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/16 - Arcata Theater, Arcata, CA w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/19 - Holocene, Portland, OR w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/20- Neumos, Seattle, WA w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/21 - Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/22 - Sugar Night Club, Victoria, BC w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/23 - Hi-Fi Club, Calgary, AB w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/26 - W Lounge, Salt Lake City, Utah w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/27- Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/29 - Double Door, Chicago, IL w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/30 - Sound Academy, Toronto, ON w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
10/31 - Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH w/ 12th Planet & Teebs
11/2 - Le Belmont, Montreal, QC w/ Samiyam & Teebs
11/3 - Harpers Ferry, Allston, MA w/ Samiyam & Teebs
11/4 - Le Poisson Rogue, NYC, w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/6 - Bourbon Street, Baltimore, MD w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/7 - DC9, Washington, DC w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/9- Club 828, Asheville, NC w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/12 - The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/13 - The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/14 - Barcelona, Austin, TX w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/16 - Trees, Dallas, TX w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/17 - Ground Hall, Houston, TX w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/19 - Club Red, Tempe, AZ w/ Free the Robots & Samiyam
11/20 - House Of Blues, Los Angeles, CA w/ Free the Robots, Samiyam & Teebs

There you go. Now buy ticket accordingly and check w/ your local venue for ticket info.


Imminent Death: Gaslamp Killer ft Gonjasufi [DWNLD]

As we count the days to what will be a torrid torrent of top notch tracks from some of our fave troubadours, the first few leaks from this fall's formidable offerings are starting to appear.
One such LP will be from So Cal's so called The Gaslamp Killer's and the Death Gate, due out in October.
Leading off the LP is a leak featuring co conspirator Gonjasufi, with this Melpomene music.

The Gaslamp Killer || When I'm In Awe (feat. Gonjasufi) || Download (courtesy of Pitchfork)


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