Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avidity For Ardour: Teebs Leak [DWNLD]

The year 2010 will go down as likely the most progressive for the beat music/experimental scene. Interest for the sound has been splitting @ the seams, with the mainstream press playing a little catch up and more and more ppl coming out to shows.
Music and art have always crossed paths before, but more than ever they are colliding @ events all across the world.
Contributor to the movement has been Brainfeeder's Teebs. With releases here and there, he readies for his long awaited (@ least from me) LP: Ardour.

And to whet our color palette, a freebie has come via the good ppl @ Alpha Pup. Oct 19th will be the day. Can't wait. Esp knowing this track will be out w/ it. Dope.

Teebs || Arthur's Birds || Download (Via LA Times)



AM FM: Tune into Exile Today [DWNLD]

One of the highlight songs on Exile's album ‘AM/FM’, is one which fellow instrumental producer Samiyam remixed his track, “Population Control.”

‘AM/FM’ is a collection of reworked/remixed/new compositions and interpretations of Exile's ‘Radio’ tracks. Samiyam is featured on the album along with Alchemist, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Shafiq Husayn, Blu, DJ Day, Fashawn, Free The Robots & more. The album is out today. (via Dirty Science)

Exile || Population Control (Samiyam RMX) || Download
<a href="http://thedirtyscience.bandcamp.com/track/population-control-samiyam-remix">Population Control (Samiyam Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

Show love.



Monday, August 30, 2010

From Russia With Love: Fly Russia from Gimme5 + Error Broadcast

I've been meaning to cover scene by countries for a min. So i'm more than happy to see some come out who will accelerate the process. It can get pretty wild, EVEN with the in-tah.net.
So I get an email re: a new comp entitled Fly Russia.

as the titles indicates, this is covering the Russian scene, as curated by the good ppl @ Gimme5.
What we have are a few known associated of this new beat music scene, but this has been largely a pleasant lesson in Russian producers for me.
Enlisted for the compilation are persons like Pixelord and recent Red Bull Music Academy grad Dza, as well as a slew of talent i'm getting hip to. Full deets are soon to come from as the good ppl @ Gimme5 have also teamed up w/ Error Broadcast to make this release possible. Amazing.

Fly Russia || Pixelord || Cheese Freak

Fly Russia || Dza || Japanese Dub

Fly Russia || Save Slaves || Vote

With love indeed. This should be out very soon. Stay tuned for more deets. Fly Russia is out now. Grab it from Error Broadcast.



Keep In Your Black Pocket: Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket

We def know Steve Spacek. Such a unique and celestial voice. But many don't know or seem to forget that he's also a producer and a mean one @ that.
I've had the pleasure of seeing him @ work and, in fact I still recall a RBMA couch interview where he mentioned specifically getting an MPC, which signaled the start of his production and then moving on to Logic. Sick.
Regardless, Steve Spacek had worked on in recent years, a side projected entitled Black Pocket. After appearances on the famed Producer compilations and a few EPs left and right, we are now treated to a full LP. Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket. Finally.
For anyone who knows Steve Spacek's sound, yay. From the classic futuristic, to roots, african inspired, we get much of what we know he loves and does well.

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Boungie

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Cyborg

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Field

This is in stores now, and TORONTO: Slinky on Queen West has copies. You know the deal. Meantion 92bpm and get a discount. Just so you know.



Friday, August 27, 2010

RBMA Radio: Live from London, Notting Hill Carnival 2010

The Red Bull Music Academy Radio is streaming the festival LIVE. Taking place right now. Click away.

RBMA Radio Player

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alex Beats Up XLR8R Podcast [DWNLD]

Say wrd.

Man like Alex B go that heat. Didn't know? You need to grab that Moments record and simply convert. Or, if you insist on not taking my word for it [read not listening], you can peep this mix he did for XLR8R. EVen features that remix banger he did for Robot Koch and FoF.

Alex B || XLR8R Podcast || Download (courtesy of XLR8R)

01 MNDSGN "***reversefootsteps"
02 Toro Y Moi "Fax Shadow" (Carpark)
03 Robot Koch "Devil Drums (Alex B Remix)" (Friends of Friends) [DWNLD]
04 Adam Deitch "Fat Boyyy"
05 Leonard Dstroy "Hypnotized feat. Brother of Moses and Reggie B." (Bloom Bap)
06 Alex B "At Channel One/Mr. Me Too Remix"
07 Alex B "Chip Chop" (Elm and Oak)
08 Leonard Dstroy "Sunbeams"
09 Alex B "Getting to Know You" (Elm and Oak)
10 Alex B feat. Quiz "Fuss"
11 Alex B feat. Quiz "Yea Girl"
12 Alex B "Dehydration"
13 Jonwayne "Pondwater" (Wedidit)
14 Devonwho "untitled

Yo Alex B, when you back in town??


Illum Sphere x Blue Daisy x Slugabed x mymanhenri - Sept 9th @ The Drake Hotel

This has been bubbling for a min, has been official but I waited to make the announcement. But the time is now upon us.
In a night that will launch The Drake Hotel's Toronto Internation Film Festival programming will be a quasi British Invasion. Live from the UK we have the following triumvirate:

Three of the UK's rising stars of cutting-edge electronic music are making their approach across the pond for four special appearances in Toronto September 9th. Slugabed, Illum Sphere and Blue Daisy are pioneers of a new wave of sound that is difficult to put a genre to, representing the finest in electronic bass music today. Headlining is Slugabed, pushing a unique strain of churning, blown-out hip hop that evokes the spirit of Dilla with a healthy dose of attitude. Next on the bill is Illum Sphere, whose recent release on Martyn's 3024 imprint proves his versatility as a producer, crafting amazingly intricate compositions that range between bumping house-electro rhythms and post-modern West Coast hip hop. Last but not least, broken into the music world's ears by Mary Anne Hobbs via her show on BBC Radio 1, Blue Daisy rounds out the lineup with his ethereal, elegant compositions of crackling, bumping beats and atmospheric soundscapes coalescing with entrancing melodies and soulful vocals. These three young producers are surely ones to watch in the coming year and are already well on their way forging new pathways in modern electronic music.

The Drake Underground will never be the same. Thursday Sept 9th, we rawk it out.

The Drake Hotel, mymanhenri + Kaleidoscope AV present:

Slugabed, Illum Sphere, Blue Daisy
Hosted by mymanhenri.
Thursday September 9th 2010
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West.
$10_4am last call.
RSVP on Facebook™ event page here.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sugarpill Stays Sweet: FLow Goggles EP

Man, eHomie and Glitch FM Gangster Sugarpill just knocked me out my stool showing me he had a record all done: Flow Goggles EP.

He and I have been chopping it up of late about the goodness that's been coming out on the 140 riddims. Totally agreed. And he stays in that cut something lovely. Totally looking fwd to this EP and you should too. Man... still pumped about this.
Here's a little something for cats to take it. Available Sept 14th, Flow Goggles EP will be out online on Daly City.

Sugarpill || Some Say The || Download (courtesy of iamalaser)



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cosmopolyphonic Radio w/ TOKiMONSTA [DWNLD]

East meets the far West I gather. In a CosmoPolyphonic Radio update, the Japanese Consortium have the 1st (and only) lady of Brainfeeder, TOKiMONSTA curate the latest edition of CPR.

CosmoPolyphonic Radio feat TOKiMONSTA || download (for podcast + tracklist)



Monday, August 23, 2010

3 4 6 8 . A mix for the listeners [DWNLD]

So in a late night Twitter surf, and only moments before I hit the sack I noticed ?uestlove mentioning this mix he planned to listen to later. Again, in twitter's inherent nature, I was privy to a convo between he and some person I didn't know, and although usually don't really click through, I decided to take a look this time around.
Say wrd. Am I glad I did.
What I found was a mix of 4/4 classics that were all chopped in a 3/4 riddim. Huh?? For the producer/music theory erudite this will make some sense. For all others, you just need to listen to it to really get it. There's essentially a beat missing.
I was pretty much floored @ the idea of a whole mixtape, though I would always listen to the odd track here and there for those daring enough to take a stab @ it... So I had to ask. Why? How?

Thanks for your message. Here's the mundane story:

I made the edits in the first part of 2008. I snapped a tendon in my middle finger prising one of my shoes off and couldn't play any instruments for a while, so amused myself making edits instead. I was playing around with The Roots's "Livin' In A New World" and created what I imagined was a Medieval vibe, which I liked and thought was unusual. Listening back I realised I'd stumbled upon a method of transforming the time signature of 4/4 tracks by removing the third and seventh quarter-beats (usually the snare hits), closing the gaps and sometimes adding some subtle echo. I applyed this to other hip hop instrumentals - some worked and some didn't. I told my friends, who were like "what?!", they thought the concept was crazy and inspired. I finished off the mix by doing some interludes from a nursery rhyme album and recordings of birdsong, gave out about 5 copies on cd, my busted finger healed and I forgot all about it.

Until now! It was a pretty long slog on Pro Tools but it kept me occupied. It's great to hear that people like it, not only for the concept but also for the sound.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Best wishes

DJ Nikey

Imagine: out of a bruise came brilliance. Nice. Here's the mix and I do hope you enjoy it. I sure did. You can hit the little arrow for a full download.

3 4 6 8 Mix by Siskin


Darkhouse Family: Beat Tape [DWNLD]

Darkhouse Family duo are on the grind. After releasing their Family Trees EP, they're still on the boards, composing for their next TBA project.
They holla'd and threw together a little tape for all to enjoy. SO, enjoy!

Darkhouse Family || Download (right click)

For iTunes users, track list is in the lyrics tab.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free The Robots: Interview + Vid From Tour [VIDEO]

Fresh little vid I came across on Twittah w/ Chris from Free The Robots.

Shouts to Justin.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Flying Lotus: Pattern+Grid World EP in September

2 words: Flying Lotus
2 more: September 20.

Flying Lotus - Camera Day (taken from Pattern+Grid World) by Warp Records

More from Warp.


Machines Hate Em, We Love Dibiase

Hate might be the wrong word. I would quicker use despise, detest, dislike, distaste, are disgusted. 'D' motherf*cker, 'D'! LOL.
Well, machines can hate all they want buyt we love Machines Hate Me, the long awaited chef D'œvrefrom the Watts native, Dibiase.

I 1st met Dibiase @ Low End after being introduced by my man PUDGE. I then ran into him @ the Red Bull Sound Clash finals in NYC where he past me his competition beat tape. WHOA.
FFWD a few years later, after building a formidable catalog as well as having several releases in the past few months, we celebrate the release of possibly most anticipated LP

Machines Hate Me is an honest reflection of Dibiase's past as much as his influenced. Trained in the near extinct style art of merciless chopping of beats and samples, to the hours spent messing w/ gaming consoles has left us agape, jubilant and vertebrae C1 through C7 sore as hell.

Those who know the sound will co sign this one as simply more brilliance from Dibiase himself. Those who are now getting into Dibi's sound will thank the heavens, the MPC and the 404 for that divine swing and just turn that MF up Yep. Machines do hate him. Say wrd.

Here are a few bangers for you to hold on to til it drops...

Dibiase || Lumberjack || Download (via LA Times)

And this was premiered some months back on Mary Anne Hobbs LA special by Daddy Kev, @ the time untitled....

Dibiase || Skullcandy || Machines Hate Me

And it last one for the road...

Dibiase || Neighborhood Watch || Machines Hate Me

Machines Hate Me will be available worldwide Sept 14th 2010 on Alpha Pup. Say wrd.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teebs: October LP

I've been listening to this since I 1st heard it on a Mary Anne Hobbs Show (LA Specials)

This sh*t makes me want to hold a girl's hand. Teebs said October. Perfect. Can't wait.


New Gaslamp Killer EP: October on Brainfeeder

The Gaslamp Killer tweeted a few deets re his new recording The Death Gate, slotted for October and coming from Brainfeeder.

Gonja Sufi + (grossly overlooked) Computer J + GLK himself. It all adds up to an EP coming this fall. Looking fwd.


Rustie's SUNBURST EP: Deets Revealed

Just days from offering a Rustie download, we have more news from Lucky Me's man @ arms.
October will mark the release of his new Sunburst EP.

We have all longed for a Rustie release - though he has seemed to squeeze out the odd 12" and white label here and there. But this is what we've been looking fwd to, an official EP. And after having listened to this minimix - pfff - SOLD.

Rustie - Sunburst EP Minimix (out 4/5 October on Warp Records) by Warp Records.

Hit up Warp for more deets.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Robot Koch: Devil Drums (Alex B remix) [DWNLD]

RBMA Grad, Jahcoozi member Robot Koch squeezes out a remix courtesy of Elm And Oak, Colorado crusher and a 92bpm fave (and friend) Alex B.


Take a listen as Alex B takes Robot Koch's Devil Drums down that road less travelled playing with the tempo going from a slow flow to a frenetic and frenzied cadence.

Robot Koch || Devil Drums (Alex B remix) || Download (courtesy of XLR8R)



Friday, August 13, 2010

Flying Lotus x mymanhenri w/ Ultragamma: Sept 3rd 2010, Toronto

Announced a few weeks back. For those who missed out on the 1st go round in summer of 2009, this is the op you've been waiting for.

Back in the great city of Toronto will be the mighty Flying Lotus along with the Cosmogramma sound that has been warping speakers and minds all across the globe. So much good music since he last came, and the microclimate that is this beats scene in Toronto is finally starting to come to fruition - but it's been a climb.
No none are happier than myself and the wonderful ppl @ 92bpm to see this show take place. It will be a great night, one that will signal and establish the tempo for an even greater fall.

And, i've very happy to announce the addition of my mellow my man ULTRAGAMMA who's been added to the lineup. We're about to get busy.

UnionEvents Presents:

Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder, LA) LIVE
w/ mymanhenri (92bpm, Toronto) + Ultragamma (Toronto)
Friday Sept 3rd 2010 @ The Opera House
Facebook RSVP event page is here.

Tickets can be scooped @ Ticketmaster as well as Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record.

Man, this is on a Friday night as well. Amazing.

See you then.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yuk's A D W A From Leaving Records: Soon Come [DWNLD]

From the home of LA's idiosyncratic Matthew David, Leaving Records, comes a new release from another rising star: Yuk.

And to whet the palette is silvery refix of a euphonious Devonwho banger.

Yuk || Adept-tation for Dev || download (courtesy of Leaving Records)

and newness...

Yuk || Emilia Reflection || download (courtesy of Dublab)



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PICTURES 2: BANG THE PARTY x 92BPM - August 21 2010, Toronto

Nuts. Andy Capp and I spoke about this so long ago and August seemed like an eternity away. But we are so here.



102 Ossington Ave.
(Back Alley)
Toronto Ontario.

[DAY] 12-6pm



[NIGHT] 10pm - 4am

BANG THE PARTY! & 92 BPM collaborate for a forward thinking, futuristic, and unexpected experience of music and video.


futureboogie. leftfield house. deconstructed hip-hop

$10 @ Door

FaceBook event RSVP here.

The art of the 21st century is an art of montage. Copying is a vital component for appropriation artists who are practicing without a license. This dominant trend in contemporary art practice presents material that no longer needs to signify anything in particular: not a critique of mass media representation, nor a comment on consumer capitalism. However these well respected Canadian artists use appropriation instead to transform as well as to steal and demonstrate an engagement with the past : the readymade, collage, and montage that were presented as the three innovations of the historic avant-garde.

Most importantly they have a desire to make their own mark and to make self referential work that is intended to operate mainly outside of the usual art institutions. The quality of the work is affected by the trajectory it describes in the cultural and urban landscape, constructing a linkage between forms, signs, and images. These 21st century artists depict a visual confusion between high and low culture and an infinite number of iconic registers and modes of production are poured.

The work is transplanted, grafted and contextualized onto the canvas and wooden frame which is at once a marker and boundary that prevents the framed object from lapsing into instability and abstraction. Using the connecting thread in the deployment of appropriated imagery these collected works can be slotted into the art-historical narrative smoothly with a great deal of intelligence and without a shred of postmodern irony.

On Saturday August 21st, the event Pictures2, an appropriated art exhibition will feature eleven of Toronto’s most respected and revered artists working in this field. It will be one of the first major exhibitions in the new UNIT C space located at just behind 102 OSSINGTON AVE.


The daytime exhibition will run between 12-6 pm and entrance is free to all who wish to view the works, socialize with the artists, and engage in discourse with fellow artists and curators about the exiting new works on display.

At 10:00 pm BANG THE PARTY and 92BPM, two of Toronto’s most respected music productions and promoters will collaborate for a forward thinking, futuristic and unexpected experience of music and video. Curators ANDYCAPP, ROD SKIMMINS, and MYMANHENRI will be playing a mix of what the y like to call futureboogie, leftfield house and deconstructive hip-hop rooted in the sounds of early disco, post punk, avant-garde, and beat collage of the late 70′s and early 80′s.

While patrons will no doubt be partying and dancing, the opportunity to enjoy music while engaging in a visual art experience has always been a top priority for both of these crews. On most occasions, galleries hire music providers to play during exhibition openings. While this certainly brings an added element to a gallery it is often still a very sterile environment (people standing around, listening to music and then moving on). However we hope to encourage patrons to engage the art works in an intense social environment all night that will leave a lasting impression beyond just the typical gallery opening party.

See you Sat Aug 21st. Will be a great day/night. Totally looking fwd.


Celebration of Curation: RBMA Posts Their Cloudcast on Mixcloud

For those who listen, I've long said that DJ'ing is so dead. Curating is the term I employ. We - yes we - create the tempo and tone of the event w/ imagery through our selection of riddims.
In celebration of said concept, Mixcould has been running Cloudcasts of known media outlets: 31 days, 31 cloudcasts and 31 curators of the likes of bbc 1xtra, vice, xlr8r, mixmag, fabric and so on.
The prestigious Red Bull Music Academy has put theirs up and are proud to showcase more music from their wonderful pool of RBMA grads.

Enjoy, show love and look out for the rest of the episodes from Mixcloud.


Gonjasufi Remixes: Mark Pritchard's Ancestors

In mid May, this tweet just squeezed through the interweb with not much noise, only to be retweeted by 4 ppl to this very day.
Now, some 90 days later, Warp has decided to make it official:
Oct 4th, Warp releases The Caliph's Tea Party remix album by Gonjasufi and they posted the Mark Pritchard remix of Ancestors.
If the ppl missed that tweet in May, they certainly saw this one yesterday.
in just about 24 hrs, the remix got 2600+ plays. I keep telling anyone who chooses to listen to wisdom: Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313 is a monster.

Gonjasufi - Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Rmx) by Warp Records

Tracklist will look as follows:

01. Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Rmx)
02. Candylane (Bibio Remix)
03. Ageing (Dam Mantle Remix)
04. The Caliph's Tea Party (Broadcast & The Focus Group "DedNd" Remix)
05. Kobwebz (Jeremiah Jae Remix)
06. Love Of Reign (Bear In Heaven Remix)
07. She's Gone (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
08. Holidays (MRR Remix)
09. Change (Shlomo Remix)
10. My Only Friend (Hezus Remix)
11. DedNd (agdm Remix)
12. SuzieQ (Dem Hunger Bowel Blood Remix)

Hit Warp up for more info.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rustie Freebie: Inside Pikachu's Cunt [DWNLD]

For the erudite, most know of Rustie and his Lucky Me fam. This Glaswegian can be spotted rawking out shows w/ the rest of Lucky Me, but also holding it down solo.
My 1st recollection of Rustie and his riddims had to be that banger Zig Zag. What a riddim.
In anticipation of his forthcoming release with the mighty Warp, he's leaked out a track that most have been able to enjoy since Warp 20 as it was part of the free comp handed to the attendees in London.

Rustie || Inside Pikachu's Cunt || download



Monday, August 9, 2010

Dibiase Swings A Big Axe, Leaks Lumberjack [DWNLD]

My man hit me on bbm a few days back saying "Dibi is sh*tting on everyone!". No doubt.
The North East might be days removed from this little heat wave, but LA is still with burning w/ wildfires and Dibiase got the Zippo™ lighter in hand.
Under his other arm though is his trusty MPC which has been hard @ work in the past year, chopping samples like stacks of California Redwood lumber.
After releases from All City as well as Fat City, the long awaited drop from Dibiase's record from LA's Alpha Pup is now within site.

Machines Hate Me is on it's way and oh boy...
In the mean time, here's a leak from the LP, Lumberjack. We just warn that you get yourself a neckbrace. It's about to get silly.

Dibiase || Lumberjack || Download (via LA Times)



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paul White Does Mix for BBC6 [DWNLD]

Paul White bangs out a mix for BBC6's Tom Ravenscorft. Simply said, get it.

Paul White Mix for 6 Music

A Personalised Record For Paul – Play The Game – Unknown
A Personalised Record For Paul – Where Are You? – Unknown
Paul White – The Doldrum – One-Handed Music
Paul White – A New Way – Unreleased
Paul White – E Flat Double Style – Unreleased
Bombay Bicycle Club – Magnet (Paul White Remix) (Island)
Paul White – OOOooo My Love – Unreleased
Paul White – Pride – One-Handed Music/Now Again
Paul White – Garfield’s New Thing – Unreleased
Paul White – Goes To Hollywood – Unreleased
Time Is Flashing Interlude
The John Betsch Society – Open Pastures – Strata-East
Smoke – Griffo – MPS Records
Airto – I Don’t Have To Do What I Don’t Want To Do – Salvation Records
SBB – Pamiec W Kamien Wrasta – Muza
Paul White – Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson – One-Handed Music/Now Again
The Radiophonic Workshop Outro



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Huess: Broke EP [DWNLD]

Say wrd.
I love newness. And nothing like having it come right in time for come curating scheduled this week.
Nonetheless, right out of the Inaudible Answer clan comes the Broke EP from Huess.

Love surprises. What you get from this 4 track-er is a quasi set-upset up celebrating the imminent release of Inaudible Answer's first ever 12" - a Huess 4 track EP featuring stunning remixes from Fulgeance & Kelpe Nice. And thanks for their benevolence, the Broke EP is a freebie.

<a href="http://huess.bandcamp.com/album/broke-ep">Broke by Huess</a>

1-800-Wake-Up is my joint. Anyhow, you can hit the Huess bandcamp for the full DL.

Say wrd.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You, from Stones Throw, w/ U-Luv [DWNLD]

In a act of supreme kindness, Stones Throw has released the files from the prized Dilla Donut Shop on digital, and in full 320. And you know this...

Go Nuts.


Monday, August 2, 2010

heRobust: Albumin [DWNLD]

1st of all, shouts to YYY who posted about this one on the weekend.
Did a little digging after hearing the track only to find out this was sitting, lost in my soundcloud inbox. Dayum.
heRobust, young cat from ATL just pluggin away who's got something potentially developing w/ some net labels is still doing it for the love.
Albumin is a showcase of what has yet to be release from this young ATL'ian - so be on the look out. And you know me, I love that slow flow. And, I love this joint.

<a href="http://herobust.bandcamp.com/track/grief-case">grief case by heRobust</a>

And to boot, this joint is a free DL. Get it @ his bandcamp and witness the wares whilst you're @ it.

Say wrd.

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