Monday, December 13, 2010

Olan from All City Steps Out To Get It In [DWNLD]

Man, I could make this a hella long post. But I'll not. I will simply say this: this dude grinds.
The man I speak of is Olan from All City. He's been responsible for some big records in the last little whilst, and there's no real sign of slowing down.
The LA Series may be the most heralded, and many might recall the incredible 7x7 series which preceeded, but he's been @ work at his All City shop and label for more than a hot min. With no hesitation, I add that he wield a big beat, and his signings and releases are closely monitored, and certainly enjoyed by many worldwide. And with all of that being said, 2010 has not yet concluded and we still have LA9 + LA10 to drop... oh boy.

So it was only right that Olan stepped out the boardroom tables, and stepped behind Technics tables. Say wrd. To my jubilation, he's put out 2 solid mixes just in time for xmas, courtesy of the good ppl @ Rhythm Incursions. ;). Always nice to peer into the head of label heads. Say wrd.

10 Record For 2010 (click to download)

Oppenheimer Analysis – Radiance (Minimal Wave/Stones Throw)
Redinho – Lightening Strikes (Numbers)
Kyle Hall / Quaran – Lax Adrenalin (Wild Oats)
Shed – No Way (Ostgut Ton)
Ruckazoid – Crush (All City)
Martyn / Mike Slott – All Night (All City)
Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (All City)
Untold – Stereo Freeze (R&S)
Floating Points – Shark Chase (Eglo)
Onra – High Hopes (All City)

A Random Slice Of Cali (click to download)

Mr DJ (the Concept)
Triple Threat – Scratch Motion Rap
Jimmy Lewis – Street Freaks
Captain Rapp – Cant Stand it Pt II
Royal Cash – Radioactivity
Koppa – Second to None Dub
Arcade Gang – When Doves Cry
Unknown DJ – Lets Jam (Instrumental)
World Class Wreckin Crew – Surgery
Victor Flores – Quadro-phonic
JJ Fad – Supersonic
The Mistress & Madam E – I Got Your Wild Thing
Facade – The Groove
Pleasure – Sending My Love
The DOC – Whirlwind Pyramid
Chemise – She Cant Love You
Jeffrey Osborne – Plane Love (Dub)
Rene And Angela – Drive My Love
Beastie Boys – A Year and A Day
Above the Law – Black Superman
MC Ren – The Villain in Black
Dr Dre – A Nuh With A Gun

Say wrd. Shouts to Olan #allday. Nice one LF!


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