Thursday, December 16, 2010

Label Love v2 [DWNLD]

International governments take note: partisan politics are dead, and here's a compilation for for proof.
Nothing like seeing the like minded come together, and join forces for the a greater cause.
In their 2nd installment of a collaborative freebie, the sextet comprising of tru thoughts, one handed music, plug research, ninja tunes, ubiquitity, melting pot music has curated a compilation consisting of a small appetizing catalog of coordinating menus. Each label offering a little taste of the content for all to enjoy, and pass around for end year. Presenting: Label Love v2.

Featuring some known and lesser known faves, this is simply a perfect comp to pass along to the new and neophyte of these labels we love too musch.


1. Hidden Orchestra - Wandering 04:33
2. Sonnymoon - Blast Off 04:11
3. Full Crate - Never Never 02:37
4. Paul White - Every Breath 02:10
5. Jed and Lucia - Painted Stars Refix 05:07
6. Bilal - Lost My Mind 04:37
7. Maddslinky - Ruled By Your Motions 05:20
8. Ahu - To:Love 03:49
9. Miles Bonny X The Ins - J Birly 02:41
10. Jono McCleery - Tomorrow 02:49

Quite the heavy list of dignitaries. And to boot, it's a freebie. Bad economy and all, there are some good folks who will share the wealth. Label Love v2 - download.

Shouts Wido. I see you!


Say wrd.


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