Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hudson Mohawke w/ Redman + Gilla House. HUH?? [DWNLD]

Ummm... I don't know about this one. I heard rumblings of this somewhere online, so it wasn't quite the surprise when it surfaced on a tweet. Love what happening in music right now, and loved what happened during those golden years (which I witnessed 1st hand), but to see them collide such as what i'm hearing below is... ummm... like weird.
Not sure i'm into this. I'll let you be the judge.

** And for the record, I'm pretty sure Hudmo had NOTHING to do w/ this. You can hear that Gilla House just looped the break. [smh]. Anyhow, your turn...

Redman & Gilla House || Freestyle (Hudson Mohawke FUSE beat) || download. (right click)

Ummmm... enjoy?

say wrd.



  1. This shit sucks, Red has totally lost it since Judgement Day and the whut the album. th hey hoo hey mainstream posse garbage ruins the melodies of Hudmo's composition, and it just sounds shit. like snoop rapping over eastern jam. underground turned mainstream morons who have completel;y lsot touch with good music, and when they actually find something dope, they ruin it. fucking a man, fucking a.

  2. ^nothing more to say!

  3. optimal restitutionDecember 8, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Ummm... Method Man did "Judgement Day," not Redman. Are you also saying that he lost it since 'Whut? Thee Album,' his first album?

    I wouldn't consider Redman mainstream at all. Back when he came out in 1990, he would've only been considered "mainstream" because he was signed to a label with major distribution. There's no way in hell that he's mainstream now. If he was considered mainstream, he'd get the same promotional backing that someone like Fabolous gets. In Def Jam terms, he's the same as The Roots at this point.

    This song is absolutely not the best and Redman has definitely lost his way since 'Blackout'. However, I understand why he would've picked this beat. The mixtape this came from is to support his 'Reggie' album. Reggie is supposed to be his other persona, which isn't all about being hardcore. It's not a surprise that he chose a DJ Khalil beat for his single, especially with the sounds he now incorporates in his production.

  4. Not feeling this at all! Seems like guys are just short of fresh ideas and jumping on stuff that hot right now! You CANNOT teach an old dog new tricks, I'd much rather hear some up and coming UK grime artists like Trim, or Tempa T spitting over Hudmos beats as they have a much more contemporary sound!

  5. Haven't felt Redman since Muddy Waters.


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