Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Devonwho x Dibiase x Blu: SLNGBNGrs [DWNLD]

Say wrd.

I don't cover much rap (not none, but just very little - since there are many who do to my pleasure), but I do show love to homies and cover stuff I like/love.
Sometime ago, I was discussing that for all the beat music that comes out, a funny take would be to releases remixes that would feature MCs, as the alt version: main - instrumental, rmx - vocal. I still like the idea.
So, just over 24hrs ago, Cali skull cracking Dibiase put out a track featuring 2 of his (and mine) homies: Devonwho & Blu.
For those who recall Devonwho's Fundraiser v1: Thumbtracks, and the subsequent rmx LP that then dropped, you will remember this beat: fedoraworm (dibiase's microwave flip)

Devonwho featuring Dibiase & Blu || SLNGBNGrs! || download (right click)

To my amazement, some ppl are actually hating on this. Don't be cave men. Say Wrd.



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