Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Secrets Worth Dying For: DNAE Beats

Say wrd.

I've been following Dnae Beats for a hot min, listening to some of that Bay area blap, watching him zig zag across the globe, taking his mpc mastery to all corners of this planet of ours. He's toured solo, as support for Gift Of Gab, taught music in South America - as classic bon vivant and impresario.
So today, we celebrate his most recent achievement, a new LP Secrets Worth Dying For.

To be expected?? A musical cataclysm of 140 bizness when the high pressure splendor of sounds, song and melody collide w/ the low pressure of big beat, kicks and snares. No doubt.
This 12 cut banger reps the bay with more pride than Tim Lincecum on the mound. Say wrd. Dnae Beats's Secrets Worth Dying For is out TODAY. Show love. Grab it here.

Dnae Beats || Brazilian Bug Bite

Dnae Beats || Disko Blunt

Dnae Beats || Brick Lane


Say Wrd.


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