Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Bull Megahurtz: A Photo Recap + [VIDEO]

This past weekend was the Red Bull Megahurtz over in Vancouver. A massive show full of LEDs, MPDs and 3D. Yup. A quasi low-frequency oscillations vs lumens type of battle, but with no winners - just a big extravaganza. And from what the shots recapitulate, what a night indeed. Of course, David Lang tells the tale with his telephoto lens like no one else. And it looked little something like this.... (btw, I just said f*** it and installed lightbox so click on any photo to zoom and use either left/right arrows or n/p keys to navigate b/w shots)

But 1st, a little video introduction to the night...

... and the pics

Next time you hear that Megahurtz is in your town, you know what to do. Shouts to David Lang for the shots. Mactruck, waddup.

Say wrd.


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