Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mophono: Cut Form Crush [DWNLD]


I love coming across some new riddims. I'm totally uncertain whether or not the name Mophono came across my messy desktop before the last few months, but no better time than the present for a present.
Mophono is a bay area cat who's been @ this beats scene for sometime. Citing DJ Shadow's ENDtroducing as inspiration to dig for wax and eventually move into production and arrangements, Mophono (né Benji Illgen) has headed a 5 yr old weekly in SF called Change The Beat, and was recently in LA for the much talked about 10.10.10 night by The Gaslamp Killer, highlighting his appearance on The Death Gate EP.
He's now prepared for his newest LP Cut Form Crush on his label CB Records.

B Boy culture, jazz and classical strings all mix well into Mophono's own musical mélange, giving way to what is the 14 track composition of this thug jazz, Cut Form Crush. Crush. Crush. Crushing, as in the hard drums that can be heard throughout the record's atypical and aberrant audio.

Look for this record which is due out Feb 15th 2011. No doubt.


1. Be Human Part One
2. Crush
3. Be Human Part Two
4. Blade
5. Cut Form Control
6. Dedicated to the Synthetic Cosmetic
7. Cut Form Crunch feat FLYING LOTUS
8. Rep feat. MC SUBVERSE
9. Cut Form One
10. Now (Skip On Beat)
11. Cut Form Crush Jam
12. Cut Form Eight (Skip On Beat)
13. Cut Form Three Electric Kingdom
14. Cut Form Five Out
14a. Cut Form Into - -(DIGITAL ONLY NON VINYL)

Mophono || Be Human Part One || download (right click)


Say wrd.


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