Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mizz Beats: Eglo EP Pon De The Way

1st ran into the name of Mizz Beats in a random convo I believe I was having w/ a friend in London. She was like "You need to check for her still". Being that I totally respected her tastes and calls, I did. Grabbed a fresh track off a comp, but hadn't heard much of a peep after that, until some riddims resurfaced on Alex Nut's mix show. Whoa.

Then the secret was out: Mizz Beats was officially Eglo Records family and was planning an EP. Nice. And, for those who listen to Mixed Nuts on Rinse, you've heard the riddims. Fierce.

There's now official reports from Eglo that the EP is coming out, though w/ no set date yet. That's enough for me man. Here's a likkle taste still....

Mizz Beats || Sanctuary from forthcoming Eglo Records EP



Say wrd.

PS - Alex, I want my picture.


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  1. holyshitbrainmeltsexsounds

    thanks again myman


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