Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MGR: Newness from NewZealand [DWNLD]

My man Xi and I chat about this on the reg. I fucking love this sh*t. Something about some lo fi that just tickles my fancy. Regardless, Leaving Records pulls one out yet again, this time from the other side of the planet: New Zealand.
Introducing MGR.

@ this very minute, I don't have much but I'm simply down with the beat-at-any-costs narrative.

LRF008 is coming from New Zealand’s MGR relentlessly creating from his immediate environment i.e. free internet, friends walkmen, friends MPCs, college campus computer labs, found 1/8″ cables, bare feet…

Bare feet? Reminds of another Kiwi I know. And I'll always recall a RBMA lecture where Egon said Madlib created a record for the price of hydro/electricity.... Mere cents... LOL. But regardless, take this one in for now. MGR for Leaving Records. #allday.

MGR || Download


Say wrd.


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