Friday, November 12, 2010

Knxwledge's Kannaloupe Komes To Fruition

One thing is always certain when Knxwledge drops: fresh produce. Call it when what you like but Klouds was heavenly, and Skrawberries was a splendid record. Now, we're given up a full serving of his new release: K∆NN∆LOUPE EP.

Knxwledge knows. This new release is best served chopped up, chill w/ all it's sweet and natural juices, allowing them to flow into this digi delish dish. And really? $5?? That's a hella deal for fresh produce like this.

Make sure you load up on some of this vitamin K, be it Kannaloupe or Knxwledge himself.


Say wrd.


1 comment:

  1. FYI if you DL this and your PC is saying the file is corrupt, just rename it and it will work. Think the strange characters in the filename are screwing with the unzipping for some reason.


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