Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HOYA HOYA 001 On Its Way

Hoya Hoya has been a trailblazing night in Manchester. illum Sphere and Johnny Dub have created an avenue for many of your faves to pass through and a stage for them to show their wares.
Now, to immortalize the night, the hosts w/ the most now also have a label to tout. Can you guess the name?? Hoya Hoya. And the 1st release is due for Nov 22.

1st up on this seismic 12" single will be illum Sphere, Lone and Krystal Klear, a quasi Manchester United. The 3, all from money making Manchester, have all repped Hoya Hoya @ one point, and could not be a better lead off for the 12".
What to expect?? Pretty much what has made them who they are. illum Sphere ascent continues taking his sound further into rhythmic experimentation, w/ Lone and Krystal Klear who maintain the momentum and modus operandi with music that have has the focus of my attention thus far.

illum Sphere || Sweat The Decent || Hoya Hoya 001

Hoya Hoya 001 will be available from you fine music boutiques Nov 8th physical and Nov 22 on digi.

Say wrd.


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