Monday, November 29, 2010

The Glitch Mob Remixes 1 + 2 For Haiti [DWNLD]

I'm all about remixes. Readers here know my steez. But man, none have been more anticipated than this one set. Here's wassup.
California bit crushers The Glitch Mob release not one but two volumes of remixes from their famed Drink The Sea album. Guests re-edits come from a deep sea of producers from all around: King Britt, ESKMO, Beats Antique, EPROM, DJ Vadim, Deru, SPL, Skeet Skeet, Mr. Projectile, Comma, Salva, Kastle, Nalepa, R/D, Virtual Boy, Machinedrum, Jogger, St. Andrew, Them Jeans, Chris De Luca, Camo UFOs, Adam.01, Pawn, Mirko Kosmos and Mindelixir.

More important however, every single sale of the remixes will be donated to a Haiti relief fund.


As Boreta told me himself in an email:

So yeah the remix project we are donating all of the proceeds to Haiti and it's coming out on the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake. It was a good opportunity for us to get involved because so many people wanted to submit a remix so we felt like it would be best to put it all towards a good cause. More than anything I felt like once the cameras were on to the next thing, most people forgot about the Haiti earthquake. Everyone assumed it's just OK when in fact Haiti never got the aid they needed from the world.

I said this last year, and i'll say it again: the amount of $ that will be needed to rebuild Haiti is essentially a blank check. And as you all have seen (or heard for those w/ n o TV), things have gotten worse. This act of benevolence by The Glitch Mob goes beyond words. Pls check their site for more info.

The Drink The Sea Remixes are out Jan 12th 2010. More deets as we approach the date. In the interim, here's a freebie to start it all off...

Fortune Days (DJ Vadim rmx ft Yarah Bravo & Pugz Atom) || download


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