Thursday, November 18, 2010

GB (Gifted & Blessed): Zerrissenheit EP [DWNLD]

I'd been meaning to post this for more than a min (what else is new). We finally got to connect, days before he embarked on a EU tour, but Gifted & Blessed - GB for short - has music out there. We was featured on the LA Series from All City and has out some heat out there.

He recently let out the snack pack of tracks for all to enjoy. An EP entitled Zerrissenheit.

Allow me to let him break it down:

Zerrissenheit is a term coined by William James, which he roughly translated as "torn-to-pieces-hood," a state of being broken or in disarray. To be human is to feel fractured and pulled in a dozen different directions at times. It is precisely during these times in our yearning for self-repair that we find ourselves most open to rebirth, growth, and eventually a heightened sense of spirituality we otherwise could not have reached. This begins with confronting and assimilating our shadow selves into our being. Then as we move through our emotions, we can put these pieces back together into a more full life experience, imperfections and all.

you can catch up w/ Gifted & Blessed on his blog.

Show love. Say wrd.


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