Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dimlite: Stones Throw Podcast 63

So, as I sat there chatting w/ my man Juha, Dimlite's name came up... and I though: OMG. The Stones Throw podcast!

Their podcast, dope. DIMLITE?! DOPER.
It's been a min since we've heard from the Swiss esotericist. If you haven't picked up his last record on Now And Again, make it happen. But even more urgent, is the new Stones Throw podcast, #63, available now as curated by yours truly, Dimlte.



The Residents vs. Misel Quitno’s drums: Six Things To A Cycle, Part 5
Dimlte.: 8 bars of Once Burned’ (Todd Rundgren cover)
Frank Zappa: Oh No
Raimundo Fagner: Cinza
Neu: Negativland
Sonic Youth: The World Looks Red
The Boredoms: (Omega)
Bruce Haack: Snow Job
Dimlte.: Sun-sized Twinkles
Hatfield and The North: The Other Stubbs Effect
Hatfield And The North: Fol De Rol
This Heat: Paper Hats
Phonophani: blaflat
The Residents: You yes yes yes
Sun Ra: Moonship Journey
Dimlte.: Higher
Flash & The Pan: California
Arnaldo Baptista: I Wanna To Take Off Every Morning
TV On The Radio: Bicycles Are Red Hot
Agigation Free: Rücksturz
Touch: Down At Circe’s Place
Egberto Gismonti: Maracatu
Daedelus: Stampede Me

There you go.

Enjoy. (download)

Say wrd.



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