Saturday, November 20, 2010

ARP 101: Flush b/w ACID2

ARP 101 is back. Returning through our airwaves like Halley's Comet - though he hadn't been gone 75 yrs. But after a stellar release about 75 days ago, this declassified Eglo Records top secret returns with yet another big banger: Flush / Ac!d 2
Some of you may have heard it starting to get some burn from the usual suspects such as Benji and, Alex Nut of course.
ARP 101 puts together some more of that dark matter, layering arpeggiating and colorful sprites streaking across the track in a 130 beat riddim, adding keys a little later to fill it out. Nice.
Ac!d 2 goes more of the future beats route, going w/ a sub 100 tempo full of dark synths, keeping w/ the galactic mood and theme.

Arp 101 || Flush

This new ARP 101 single is due out December 6th on Eglo Records. Show love.

Say wrd.


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