Friday, November 19, 2010

A.D.L.R.: Wisp [DWNLD]

True story.

Late September, I was chatting w/ the good ppl @ Non Projects about the Ana Caravelle remixes record, listening and looking @ track listings. A few def caught my eye. We were suddenly goign back and forth about this a.d.l.r. cat and I was getting the scoop. Say wrd. So I loaded up the iTunes library and kept it moving.
FFWD some weeks and here we are getting leaks. Awesome.
a.d.l.r. is going to be LA outfit Non Project's newest release for the new year. Can't wait for this to see light of day. His sound?? Man... lush textures of quasi field recordings with rhythms coming in and out mezzo piano, à la Mathhewdavid (w/o creating any comparisons as I hate doing such, but #justpaintingapicture).

Anyhow, we are now privy to a leak from the forth coming full length in the new year, Foam on the Waves of Space-Time... among some other goodies I dug up.

a.d.l.r. || Wisp || download (via XLR8R)

and other goodies....

a.d.l.r. || donardo
donardo by adlrtaperecordings

a.d.l.r. || Let's Go Swimming Mix
adlr_letsgoswimming_mix by adlrtaperecordings

Foam on the Waves of Space-Time... is due out Jan 11 2011. Keep your eyes peeled.


Say wrd.


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