Monday, November 22, 2010

1000 Names Mix [DWNLD]

Man, i haven't spoken about 1000 Names inna min. The Sofia samurais released a fresh record this year on Black Acre and I hadn't caught up w/ post about it. But the world keeps turning, and so does the wax... and the mixes keep coming.
In a tweet I spotted just about 1 week ago I believe, was a mix they curated for Menta Session blog.


01. Paul White – Goes To Hollywood
02. Minus – Neptun(heading for something)
03. 1000names – One’s box
04. Light Club – Sweet
05. 1000names – Upstares
06. Kelpe – Toy Castle
07. Rustie – Hiperthrust
08. Eprom – Rubber Sheets
09. Slugabed – Donky Stomp(Mweslee remix)
10. Maxmillion Dunbar – Sno Mega
11. Lukid – Through Gritted Teeth
12. Sun Arrow – The Stakeout Reprise ft. W.Giacchi

1000 names || MS150 mix || download


Say wrd.


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